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customise your report templates

Drag. Drop. Download.

Download your data exactly as you need it, hassle-free. Choose the data you need in the order you need it. And download it into one simple CSV file to save or upload to your CRM system.

Superfast performance

Save time and download your data in seconds, no matter how much you need. Giving you more time to dig deeper, spot trends and focus on more important things.

Easy to use

Simple. Easy to use.

Download the data you want in a few simple clicks. Just choose the data, the template and the date range. Easy-peasy.

Fundraising pages

Find out who’s fundraising for you and how they’re doing. Plus you can see their marketing preferences too.


See all your donations and where they’re coming from. Plus you can see Gift Aid and Donor Covers Fee.


Reconcile the payments we make to you quickly and easily with a full breakdown of every transaction.

You told us you needed more data, so here are the newbies: amount received by charity, campaign id, current charity split, and donor postcode.

Check our glossary for the new items

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