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If you're an existing fundraiser or charity you can still sign in to your account until the platform closes fully in February 2022.

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How to promote Virgin Money Giving to your supporters

Logos, links, buttons and copy

13th August 2021

New badges for Virgin Money London Marathon fundraisers

Tools to celebrate fundraising milestones and share on social media

27th July 2021

New reporting features coming this Summer

Get your data quicker, simpler and easier

27th July 2021

How to produce effective videos with Mario Creatura

What you need to create great videos to have a bigger impact

27th July 2021

How to host a great interview to tell your charity's story

Journalist Marcus Webb shares his top tips

23rd July 2021

How we raised money for our local food bank

How Wandsworth Foodbank benefitted from the generosity of a community in challenging times

30th June 2021

How to use custom codes to segment and organise your fundraisers

Account Manager Emma Rose explains how

25th June 2021

Win £1000 for your charity with Virgin Red

Join the Virgin Red rewards club and win your Virgin Red wish list

25th June 2021

Making the switch from old reporting

Three ways you can get ready to make the switch

27th May 2021

How Virgin Money customers are making the world brighter for UK charities

Nearly £300,000 has been donated thanks to the Virgin Money Current Account offer

27th May 2021

How we organised a successful mini-marathon at our school

How East Sheen Primary School ran the Virtual Virgin Money Giving Mini London Marathon

21st May 2021

Virgin Money Giving partners with newly launched Charitable Radio station

Social enterprise Charitable Radio, a brand-new philanthropic station launched on 16th May with Virgin Money Giving as one of it’s partners

21st May 2021

Reigate Parish Church School PTA: our Februstory fundraising challenge

How to fundraise at your school with a readathon

19th May 2021

Social media crash course with Mario Creatura

Top social media tips to create great content at the right time

22nd April 2021

HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

Remembering the royal consort’s incredible contribution to charities

9th April 2021

Top 5 tips to take professional looking photos with your smartphone

Take great photos to tell your charity’s story, wherever you are

7th April 2021

The secrets of a successful digital fundraising campaign

Everything you need to plan a winning campaign

7th April 2021

How to plan a consistent stewardship journey using RACE

Build an integrated marketing journey to stay connected

7th April 2021

Save time with our improved reporting tool

Download your data in seconds

25th February 2021

Making the world half a million pounds brighter for UK charities

Get a £50 donation with Virgin Money’s new Current Account offer

25th February 2021

How to run a successful Campaign on Virgin Money Giving: Step Up In January for the M.A.

How Miscarriage Association created a virtual event and raised over £160,000

25th February 2021

How to raise funds for your cause on World Book Day

World Book day is on 4th March – and it’s the perfect opportunity for you to raise vital funds for your cause thanks to our partnership with Ziffit.

18th February 2021

Let’s Talk - Events 2021

Find out how to make the most of events in 2021 and how you can host and promote your own events

3rd December 2020

Five reasons to be hopeful about the charity sector

Virgin Money Giving’s executive director Jo Barnett on how charities can end a turbulent 2020 on a high

1st December 2020

GiveBack2020 with Giving Tuesday

Rally your supporters and boost your funds this Giving Tuesday

30th October 2020

How we created a successful virtual campaign in the time of Covid-19

Conservation charity Tusk used Virgin Money Giving’s Campaign tool to turn the annual Lewa Safari Marathon digital and raised over a quarter of a million pounds in the process. Here’s how they did it.

13th October 2020

Supporting charities through a marathon challenge

On 4 October, 45,000 people took to their local parks and pavements to run 26.2 miles as part of a very different Virgin Money London Marathon.

13th October 2020

Say hello to live streaming and Strava on our fundraising pages

Virgin Money Giving’s fundraiser pages have had an upgrade. Fundraisers and charities can now stream both live and pre-recorded YouTube videos directly from their page and also integrate data from exercise-tracking app Strava.

Virgin Money Giving | 3 mins read

Debunking the myths of virtual events, two charities tell us how

Over the last few months we have seen lots of great ideas and success stories around virtual events. We caught up with two charities – Macmillan and Friends of St Stephen's - who have run successful virtual events, to help you debunk the myths.

Virgin Money Giving

Campaign pages – easy to create, customise and promote

By using our flexible campaign tools you can easily launch, share and promote your campaign page and we’ll be there to support you every step of the way. Plus with our low fees and donor cover fees option more money will get to the frontline, where it’s needed most.

Virgin Money Giving

Let's talk webinar – Virtual Events

Practical steps of getting a virtual event off the ground

Virgin Money Giving | Video

Shop with heart this Christmas

We spoke to our partners at social enterprise Kindred, about how together we can turn your supporters' Christmas shopping into charitable donations

19th November 2020

The five-minute Christmas campaign

How to create a quick digital festive campaign on Virgin Money Giving.

Virgin Money Giving

Four ways you can make the most of Christmas

Christmas is a critical time for charities, but don’t worry – we’ve got your back. Here are four easy ways your charity can make the most of the season of giving

20th November 2020

Let’s Talk – Christmas Campaigns

Find out how you can add some sparkle to your festive fundraising

6th November 2020

#DeclutterAndDonate this Christmas

Use these ready-to-go marketing assets and social media post ideas to get you started using the Ziffit and Virgin Money Giving partnership to raise funds for your charity. Let your supporters know how important their support is and how they can easily raise vital funds.

18th November 2020

Turn post-Christmas clutter into cash donations with #DeclutterandDonate

After the excesses of Christmas, January isn’t traditionally a great time for cash donations. But thanks to our partnership with Ziffit, your supporters can turn their clutter into cash for your cause. Add your logo to these marketing graphics alongside these social media ideas to let your supporters know about #DeclutterandDonate

17th December 2020

Everything you wanted to know about Christmas campaigns

Download our free e-book for all the essential resources needed to plan your festive campaign.

13 October 2020 | Download

Ready-to-go content for The 40th Race

Here’s a list of all the great Marathon related articles from our ‘Fundraising Hub’ to share with this year 2020 Virtual London Marathon.

Virgin Money Giving | 4 mins read

Last-minute Christmas campaigns for small charities

Here’s some last minute Christmas campaign ideas to raise awareness and donations for your charity

Virgin Money Giving | 3 mins read

My Prudential RideLondon launch webinar

Together we will help to save our charities!

Virgin Money Giving | Video

Let’s talk webinar – fundraising during lockdown

Discover the challenges and successes charities have encountered during lockdown

Virgin Money Giving | Video

Virgin Money Giving Covid-19 report

How fundraising changed in the month after lockdown

Virgin Money Giving

Your new look charity portal

You’re at the heart of everything we do.

Virgin Money Giving

#DeclutterAndDonate tool kit for charities

We've created a tool kit of banners, graphics and ideas that you can easily share in your emails and on social media to engage and inspire your supporters.

Virgin Money Giving

Get your supporters behind the #twopointsixchallenge

Let's get the nation behind you.

Virgin Money Giving

Pulling together

As we all know, the situation with COVID-19 is extremely dynamic and the role of digital fundraising has never been so important. We all need to adapt but if we pull together, we will meet the challenge.

Virgin Money Giving

Virtual fundraising events

Although the world may be self-isolating and social distancing, it's possible, through technology, to set new challenges and come together for good. Use our event creation tool to create yours today and start promoting it to your supporters.

Virgin Money Giving

2020 Virgin Money London Marathon Announcement

The Virgin Money London Marathon is far more than just a marathon, it brings society together in a moment of celebration of all that is good about humanity. This year, a year like no other, it will be a London Marathon like no other.

Virgin Money Giving | 2 mins read

Turn unwanted goods into donations for charity

We've partnered up with trade-in site Ziffit to give your fundraisers a quick and easy way to raise funds without leaving their home. Ziffit instantly values unwanted stuff and can be donated directly to a fundraising page.

Virgin Money Giving

How to get started on Virgin Money Giving

New to Virgin Money Giving or need a refresher?

Virgin Money Giving | 3 mins read

Marathon magic runs in our family

More Virgin Money London Marathon runners fundraise with us than any other platform. We offer an experience you can’t get anywhere else.

Virgin Money Giving

How to create your own reports

Standard and customised reports at your fingers tips to cover all your needs

Virgin Money Giving | 2 mins read

Getting your page out there

Simple ways to ensure your supporters land in right place in one click

Virgin Money Giving | 2 mins read

Setting up your events is easy

From glamourous charity balls to gruelling obstacle courses, events are the perfect way for people to support your work.

Virgin Money Giving | 2 mins read

Bring your charity page to life

By simply telling your story and making your page look good, is a great way to engage your supporters.

Virgin Money Giving | 2 mins read

How to make your fundraising events more sustainable – and why it's worth the effort

Sustainability isn’t merely a buzzword. Here, two organisers of large-scale events tell us how they manage to keep their footprint impressively small.

Virgin Money Giving | 3 mins read

Your marathon toolkit

Everything you need to promote the 2020 Virgin Money London Marathon and inspire your supporters

Virgin Money Giving

Maximising Gift Aid for your charity

How to ensure you are not missing out on the millions of pounds going unclaimed in Gift Aid

Virgin Money Giving | 3 mins read

A video on videos: how to tell your charity’s story and make an impact

We decided that it was time to stop simply sharing videos and instead, talk to an expert.

Virgin Money Giving | 2 mins read

Make the most of the Virgin Money London Marathon

Charlotte Ulett, events fundraising officer at Whizz-Kidz, talks us through what they've learned about making the most of the biggest fundraising event in the world.

Charlotte Ulett | 4 mins read

How to register your charity with Virgin Money Giving

Everything you need to get your charity account up and running

Virgin Money Giving | 2 mins read

How our charity created a £1m fundraising event

Tips on creating and growing a successful event

Virgin Money Giving | 5 mins read

The secrets to long-term corporate relationships

10 top ways charities and companies can succeed at fundraising together

Virgin Money Giving | 3 mins read

How to get media coverage for your charity

The insider’s guide to spreading your fundraising message

Virgin Money Giving | 3 mins read

How charities can get cut-through on Twitter

Top fundraising ideas on what to do (and not do)

Marcus Webb | 2 mins read

Raising funds to power the Dementia Revolution

Virgin Money colleagues share their fundraising activities

Virgin Money Giving | 1 mins read

How to start and grow a charity

Top 5 tips for success from the CEO of a £1 million charity

Virgin Money Giving | 6 mins read

How to design a long-lasting fundraising campaign

6 steps to ensuring your event remains relevant

Virgin Money Giving | 5 mins read

How to hold a successful charity event

9 top tips to help your fundraising flourish

Virgin Money Giving | 6 mins read

How charities can create a thriving corporate partnership

5 steps to building new supporters and fundraisers

Virgin Money Giving | 3 mins read

How to help your charity stand out

Be inspired by the Celebration Garden of forget-me-nots

Virgin Money Giving | 2 mins read

How to engage charity supporters

Raise more money by taking people on the journey with you

Virgin Money Giving | 2 mins read

How to plan a brilliant charity event

10 key things to consider when planning your fundraiser

Virgin Money Giving | 3 mins read

What motivates people to give to charity

Achieve your charity’s fundraising targets with this insider info

Virgin Money Giving | 3 mins read

Why we recommend Virgin Money Giving to other charities

Charity Cardiac Risk in the Young give their testimonial

Virgin Money Giving | 2 mins read

How charities can succeed at fundraising online

6 great ways to help you to win on the web

Virgin Money Giving | 4 mins read

Top campaign tips for charities

Great suggestions to boost your fundraising

Virgin Money Giving | 4 mins read

How to keep your charity safe from cyber crime

Assess your risks and protect your charity

Virgin Money Giving | 4 mins read

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Got a question?

Here are some of the more commonly asked questions about fundraising with Virgin Money Giving.

There are two ways you can find out information about your fundraisers and donors.

To get exact numbers you can run a report whenever you like - for example find out how much money has been raised by new fundraisers in the last month.

Or set up email alerts and we'll automatically email you every time someone new decides to support your charity or you receive a donation over a certain amount.

Charities need to have at least one bank account registered with us so we can process donations, but you can add as many extra bank accounts as you like.

You can choose to have different accounts for different fundraising events or one account for everything – it’s completely up to you.

Charities receive their donated funds once a week (less our fees).

We pay Gift Aid to you within a week of receiving it from HMRC.

You can run reports whenever you like to get the information your charity needs. We offer 3 types of reporting available as Excel, Word, CSV, Flash or PDF files:

  • Standard reports
    These are set up and ready to use - most charities will find standard reports cover everything they need to know.
  • Flexible reports
    Adjust the format of our standard reports, and set your own reporting codes so it’s easy to match data to your charity’s system.
  • Custom reports
    Set up your own reports from scratch for complete customisation.

Yes – whenever someone makes a donation or sponsors a friend we’ll ask if they’re eligible for Gift Aid.

If they are and agree to claim Gift Aid, we’ll reclaim the Gift Aid from HMRC and it will be passed on to the charity in full.

Gift Aid is the simple way to increase the size of your donation, and because it’s reclaimed from the Government it won’t cost you any extra.

Find out more about Gift Aid here.

See a breakdown of our charity fees.

Remember, because Virgin Money Giving is not-for-profit, the fees we charge will only ever go towards running Virgin Money Giving and making it better for our customers. Also, these fees only apply to charities – our website is completely free for fundraisers and donors to use.

Not registered with Virgin Money Giving yet?

We don’t believe that business should profit from charity. It’s why we set up Virgin Money Giving, as a much needed not-for-profit alternative to challenge the status quo.

Grow your fundraising income on our super fast, safe and reliable fundraising platform with powerful online tools, low fees and the unrivalled service of our Virgin team behind you.

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