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Bring your charity page to life

By simply telling your story and making your page look good, is a great way to engage your supporters.

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Creating a customised homepage can bring your charity’s story to life.

By adding links, images and text, you can promote your charity’s appeals and highlight fundraising achievements.

Getting started

The homepage will show your charity’s name, logo and contact information.

Use the textbox to outline your mission and format the text using the tools at the top of the box. Hover your mouse over each one to see what it does.

Painting a picture

Show the impact of your work by embedding images into the text.

For an image from your social media or website, right click on it and copy the URL. If the images are saved as files, upload them to an image hosting website - such as Google Photos or Flickr - and take the URL from there.

Then, using the tree icon in the textbox tools, simply paste the web address into the box labelled 'Image URL'.

You can also add an image description and use the 'Appearance' tab to change the size or alignment before choosing 'Insert' to save the changes.

Joining the dots

Having links on your homepage can make it easier to support you or be guided towards your mailing list. You can insert a hyperlink (with chain icon) in the textbox tools by pasting in the address and clicking 'Insert'.

Going into detail

Some stories can't fit on a single page – if you add pages you can be as detailed as you like.

You could add a ‘Fundraiser focus’ to talk about what your supporters are helping you achieve or a 'Gallery' page with event photos.

And you can also remove any pages you no longer need so be sure to keep your content fresh.

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