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How to create your own reports

Standard and customised reports at your fingers tips to cover all your needs

A phone of numbers

One-size-fits-all is a thing of the past. Save time by getting the information you need in the way you want it.

Create a customised report in a matter of minutes and let each team cut to the (data) chase.

Where to begin?

Get started by loading up the reporting. Then, select a report type and click on 'Create or manage data templates'.

Now we're in the thick of it, what would you like to do?

For example:

“Our Finance Team need a report to reconcile the payments in our bank account. We only need the payment information, not the donor and fundraiser details."

"I want a report to make managing fundraisers easier, with the page total, fundraiser name and email address and event name/event date only."

Data dive

Whenever you need it, your personalised template will be waiting. So save time, stay ahead of the game and make your data do the hard work.

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