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How to get started on Virgin Money Giving

New to Virgin Money Giving or need a refresher?

Simple fundraising with Virgin Money Giving.

Take a look around your charity portal

  1. Share your charity’s story and update your charity page. You can add extra pages to share projects you’re working on and share it to spread the word and get support.
  2. Add extra users to get your team on board. You can personalise their access to what’s relevant to them, or give them full access to explore as they like.
  3. Add personal thank you messages to add to your donation receipts. You can set these up for donors, fundraisers and create separate ones for someone special donations.
  4. Once you’re up and running, chose what you want to hear from us and how often with email alerts. For example, you can choose to get alerts when someone new starts fundraising or joins an event, or when a payment is made into your charity account.

Share your cause and make it easy to donate

Make it easy for your supporters to donate or fundraise for you with our deeplinks and buttons. With deeplinks you can send your supporters exactly where they need to go in one easy click.

For example, you can create a deeplink to start fundraising for your event, or to set up a monthly £10 donation. Check out our guide to promoting your charity to create your own deeplinks.

Get to know your fundraisers and make sense of the numbers

Find out who’s fundraising for you and how they’re doing in our reporting. Plus you can find out who’s donated to you and when you’ve been paid.

Check out our new Reporting BETA to make the most of your data.

You can also categorise and label your data with your own personalised custom codes. You can use these for example to flag corporate or regional fundraisers.

Know your events from your campaigns

Got an event you’re hosting? Create an official registered event your fundraisers can look out for when they create their page. Plus it makes it easier for you to keep track of how your event is doing in your reports.

You can create your event exclusively for your charity, keep it open to everyone, or choose up to 5 charities to team up with. You can choose how the funds are split between you. You can also join open events like the 2020 Virgin Money London Marathon.

Create a campaign to bring everyone together for a specific project or appeal. A campaign is a sharable hub that shows your grand total and everyone who’s a part of it. Your campaign is exclusively for your charity and there’s loads of options how you can use it.

You can turn off Gift Aid so you can create an online auction, or sell tickets to your event. You can also ask two additional questions when people make a donation, like what item are you bidding on, ask for your own marketing permissions, or where they heard about you.

Where to find help

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