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Shop with heart this Christmas

We spoke to our partners at social enterprise Kindred, about how together we can turn your supporters' Christmas shopping into charitable donations

Here are a few social media post ideas to get you started using the Ziffit and Virgin Money Giving partnership to raise funds for your charity. Let your supporters know how important their support is and how they can easily raise vital funds.

Try something new this Christmas

Our shopping partner Kindred, a new start up, who are looking to shake up charitable shopping, have launched a clever new shopping tool just in time for the festive shopping spree.

If it's something you think your supporters would use to support you, we'd love you to try it and tell us what you think. There’s a marketing kit you can download to promote it and after Christmas we'll get back in touch for your feedback.

The new tool is built to work on a laptop or desktop computer, so if you have supporters who shop that way, it’s perfect for them. A mobile version is in development for next year.

One big benefit of using Kindred, over other charitable shopping solutions, is the time you’ll save having your data and payments in one place. Because Kindred is powered by Virgin Money Giving, you don’t need to manage another platform.

Here's more from Kindred about their new tool

"Kindred is a social enterprise, and we are here to support charities," says Jackie Mills, charity partnership director at Kindred.

We will soon be reaching the biggest few weeks of the year for charities. Everyone working in the third sector understands the importance of Christmas, and in recent years Giving Tuesday – a global celebration of supporting good causes – has also become crucial to charities.

But it’s easy to miss out of the opportunity to collect donations on your supporters wider online Christmas spending. Over the four days preceding Giving Tuesday, from Black Friday to Cyber Monday, UK shoppers spent an estimated £8.5 billion. When you add this to the rest of the money spent buying for Christmas it’s a pretty mind-blowing amount.

"So we reached out to Virgin Money Giving because we've built a very special tool that sits in browsers called the Clever Shopping Companion." This plug-in, which only takes seconds to install, automatically let's shoppers earn cashback, a thank you from retailers to customers for shopping with them, which can be turned into donations. It works quietly in the background and users can do some good without making any changes to their normal online shopping.

Activating cashback using the Clever Shopping Companion - Kindred

Using the Clever Shopping Companion, customers can pass some or all of their cashback savings along to your charity – and the whole thing happens straight away. It's a quick and easy way to raise funds at a time when many people are keen to offset their shopaholism with something to benefit the wider community. And what’s more, it doesn't cost anything to use. "We've made the technology free – free to you as a charity, and free for your donors," explains Aaron Simpson, Kindred's founder.

Aaron Simpson, Kindred founder  Jackie Mills, Charity Partnership Director at Kindred
Aaron Simpson, founder of Kindred and Jackie Mills, Charity Partnership Director at Kindred

It's easy to get your charity onboard, so your supporters can shop with their heart as well as their wallets. Kindred and Virgin Money Giving will provide your Charity a custom landing page for your site, which is where you can tell your followers about how to install and use a version of the Clever Shopping Companion that has been branded for your charity. It includes a unique link to ensure that the money they raise through shopping goes to your charity. "We can create a bespoke landing page for charities, with their branding and logos," says Mills. "We can also help charities talk about their new Clever Shopping Companion to their supporters by sending them a media pack containing social assets, press releases, blog and newsletter inserts."

It's never been easier to raise money through your fundraisers' normal shopping. With Virgin Money Giving and Kindred, we can help make this a bumper winter for charities.

Get started with Kindred

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