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If you're an existing fundraiser or charity you can still sign in to your account until the platform closes fully in February 2022.

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Raise money and be kind to the planet this Christmas

In the UK we spend over £200 million every year on Christmas cards and over one billion of these end up in landfill as they can’t be recycled.

Our simple tool lets you create a page in minutes that your supporters can use to send e-Christmas cards and then donate you the money they saved on cards and stamps.

Use our hand-picked designs or upload your own

Download our hand-picked cards, which you can add your charity logo to or use as they are. Or if you have your own card designs you can upload up to six for your supporters to choose from.

Make your page your own

Make your page your own

As well as adding your own card designs, you can also add your own cover photo, page name, and donation ask to make the page your own and customised to your charity. Plus you can also add a target to encourage donors to give more.

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Easy for your supporters to use and share

When you're done creating your page, you'll get a unique link for sharing your e-card builder with your supporters. You can share this in emails or on social media.

When your supporters click on the link, they can make their e-cards there and then with no forms to fill in. E-cards can be shared with friends and family on their favourite social media platform.


Coming back for Christmas 2021 - watch this space!

Thank you for being kind to the planet and raising money with us this Christmas.

Got a question?

The e-Christmas card builder is a fundraising tool you can share with your supporters, which they use to send electronic Christmas cards via social media. Why? It saves them money on cards and stamps, which they can donate to you, plus it saves on waste helping the planet.

This depends on how much you promote it. But over £200m a year is reportedly spent on Christmas cards, so there's plenty of opportunity to raise a lot of money. And what have you got to lose? Nothing, so give it a go.

Yes, you can add a unique cover photo, page name, donation ask and target. Plus, you can add your own Christmas card designs for your supporters to use. But if you don’t have your own designs, don't worry you can use ours, as we’ve made some for you.

Again, that's entirely up to you. But we suggest emailing your supporters and promoting it on social media. We'll give you a unique link you'll use to get supporters to your e-Christmas card builder, you just use this in any call to action on your advertising, social media or emails. Once you get a supporter to click on the link, they'll come to your e-Christmas card page and we'll look after things for you from there.

This is a new fundraising tool, that’s based on our fundraising page technology. If it proves a success, we'll figure out a way to make it accessible from your charity account. Creating a new email address is easy or you can use your personal email address. Your supporters won't see the email address or be able to use it.

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