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12 Ideas for Christmas fundraising

Covid-compliant festive-inspired tips to keep the donations coming in

Three young siblings looking festive

Christmas is all about goodwill, but despite the spirit of giving, it can be a tough time for fundraisers - especially with cash being tight for many people, not to mention the restrictions in place to attempt to limit the spread of Covid-19.

The best way to generate some festive funds for your chosen cause is by making your fundraising Christmas-inspired. Here are some of our favourite ideas to get you started, all of which are compliant with current Covid restrictions.

1. Declutter for good

Why not make space for all those new Christmas presents by selling your old stuff for charity? You could even get friends and family to do the same.

Virgin Money Giving has teamed up with Ziffit to help supporters of charities turn their unwanted items into donations. It’s a website and app that makes raising money from your unwanted old CDs, DVDs, books and games incredibly simple. Using the scanner on the app, Ziffit instantly values your old stuff so you can fill a box full of items you no longer need, send it off free of charge, and generate cash for your chosen cause. You could even donate any unwanted Christmas presents.

2. Gift-wrapping party

Everyone needs their presents wrapped, but it’s a time-consuming job. Helping people to get it done, in exchange for a small fee, could be key to climbing towards your fundraising target:

3. Offer life lessons

With high streets quieter than usual in many parts of the country, people will be looking for Christmas presents online. If you have a teachable skill – maybe you can cook, sing or knit – why not offer a package of lessons people can ‘buy’ for others in exchange for a donation? You could even make up a simple voucher that the present-giver can pass on. Then it’s a case of fixing a time with the lucky recipient and giving your class over a video call.

4. Personalised cards

Sending personalised Christmas cards is a great way to remind people you’re fundraising. Telling people what is motivating you to support your charity, and the challenges you face (like running 26.2 miles!) will encourage donors to dig deep to help you achieve your goals.

5. Christmas jumper day

Many people love wearing festive jumpers so this is a fun and easy fundraising idea. You can make it into a contest with colleagues or with friends, where people have to pay to enter and there’s a vote on the best jumper. You could even do it online – get people to post a photo of their jumper, or see if you can get everyone to do a video call in festive knitwear and donate to your page.

6. Host a virtual Christmas party

With non-virtual Christmas parties unlikely to take place this year, why not offer to host your work party online in exchange for donations. You can simply arrange a time for video conference drinks, or up the ante with a game or two. You could go for a scavenger hunt (the first attendee to find a series of objects – say a mince pie, christmas decoration and paper hat – in their home and return to the call wins) or a quiz. We’ve even created the questions for you.

7. Take a dip in the sea

When everyone else is waking up to a Buck’s Fizz and new socks, how about a bracing Christmas morning dip in the sea? Some hardy souls do this even when they have no funds to raise, but you can drum up support by sharing your post-dip selfie alongside a link to your fundraising page.

8. Give up something you love

While everyone else overindulges, why not stand out from the crowd? Living on £1 a day for a week or avoiding alcohol for a month are just two ideas for raising money by making a small sacrifice.

9. Christmas decorations

We all love sparkly lights and beautifully decorated trees at Christmas – and we all need a pick-me-up at the moment. So why not go wild and decorate the outside of your home with outlandish lights and ask visitors to donate.

10. Last hour’s pay

If you know your colleagues aren’t likely to wear a Christmas jumper or partake in a scavenger hunt over Zoom, you could ask them to donate their last hour of pay for the year – which seems like small change, but can make a big difference. If your payroll team can take care of the logistics then it’s incredibly easy to rake in a huge haul; if not, all your colleagues have to do is donate straight to your fundraising page on pay day – simple.

11. Letters to Santa

Christmas is a magical time for children and writing a letter to Santa is a tradition for many. You could create a few templates and offer parents at the school or in your local community the chance to donate, in exchange for their child getting in touch and receiving a reply from the big bearded fella.

12. Christmas tree/rubbish collections

If you invest in a real Christmas tree the end of the festive period can become a pain point. Why not offer Christmas tree disposal or a recycling service, in exchange for a donation? All you need is a boot big enough, a safe way of collecting from people’s doorsteps and a vacuum cleaner for when you’ve finished.

Have you gone the extra mile to inspire more people to donate? We’d love to hear your story and top fundraising tips on Facebook and Twitter.

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