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5 out-there and unique ideas for fundraisers

Creative concepts that your sponsors will remember

Whatever the charity you

We all know the drill when it comes to the typical fundraisers. Whether it’s a bake sale or a beanbag race, at a school or in your local town hall, we’ve all attended some sort of charity event in our time. A successful fundraiser all starts with a strong story and concept - sure, it doesn’t have to be overly complicated, but it does have to be exciting enough to encourage people to sponsor you. After all, some of the most memorable fundraising ideas are the ones that stick in peoples minds for years to come. So, this begs the question; why not try making an impact with your next event?

Whatever the cause may be that you’re raising money for, we urge you to banish the more boring concepts and embrace your inner creative - it’s time to think outside the box. To inspire you to hone in on your individuality and channel that into your next fundraiser, we’ve pulled together 5 unique and whacky fundraising ideas on how to think a little differently for donations!

1. Be chivalrous as a chauffeur

Do you have a drivers license and feel comfortable with your skills behind the wheel? Are you willing to sacrifice your routine in the name of your chosen charity? If this sounds like you, then the unique Chauffeur Challenge fundraising idea will be right up your street. Get to the heart of the motor and buckle up, by offering to become a chauffeur to your local community for charity!

All you need to do is offer a little tender loving car by volunteering your services - both with your time and motor - to drive some lucky donators wherever they’d like to go. For a limited time, ask the partakers to donate what they think your time is worth and put it towards your chosen charity’s fundraising pot.

You could even improve this unique fundraising idea by auctioning the prize off in a charity organised raffle - come on, who doesn’t want to succumb to that second glass of wine at dinner and get chauffeured around by a willing driver? It sounds like money wheel spent, to us.

2. Name a meal

What’s in a name? We’re sure that Shakespeare would agree that names hold great value, and also that sponsors smell pretty, well, sweet. If you’re prepared to put some power behind your name and use it for a good cause, then we encourage you to consider the unique Name a Meal fundraising idea. Are you a Sally who loves spaghetti? Or a Martin who can’t resist a margarita? All you need to do is team up with a local restaurant or brewery to name a meal, beer or wine in your honour!

We know what you’re thinking - how on earth would naming a meal result in money for charity? Well, the answer is simple: all you need to do is liaise with the supplier to determine the percentage of sales, of the meal or drink, that will be donated back to you.

By working closely with them to keep track of your named dish or draught beer, you’ll get a good idea of how much money to expect! If you have a personal relationship with a restaurant or pub, this might make it a lot easier to pull together - if not, we’re sure that many local establishments will be keen to take part in a charitable movement. Get creative and make your sponsors go nom with a newly named dish! It goes without saying that we also highly recommend that you volunteer yourself as flavour tester in the ideation stage…

3. Chow down with a celebrity

Is your town or city home to a few shining stars? Do you know of a reality tv star, popular athlete or a local artist who would be up for chowing down for charity? If so, it’s time to charm those celebrities and auction off a chance for a local to dine out with them!

To secure the perfect prize for those who love to go star-spotting, simply approach a local celebrity and ask them to donate a few hours of their precious time to have a delicious meal with an auction winner. Partnering with a local restaurant could also work in their favour too, as you’d essentially be offering free marketing!

Be sure to ask the celebrity in question far in advance, so that they have time to clear their, no doubt busy, schedules. Offer this once in a lifetime opportunity for someone to taste a little bit of fame, in exchange for funds towards your charity. Who knows - maybe the winner will pull a Lady Gaga and invite the papa-papa-razzi. The more snaps that are taken, the more sponsors you’re likely to get.

4. Sing a telegram or two

Are you a pro at singing in the shower? Ever fancied sharing your gift with a larger crowd than the shower curtain and shampoo? Calling all aspiring singers! It’s time to rally the Beyonce’s and Bruno Mars’ of your neighbourhood and sing along for sponsors. That’s right, we’re talking about delivering surprise singing messages.

Everyone loves an impromptu singalong: is there really a better way to deliver a special message than with a little melody behind it? Simply gather some willing volunteers who have a good set of pipes, practice a few pieces and offer up your singing services for sponsors - no gig deal.

Ask your customers to specify a ‘delivery’ time, so that you can schedule your singalongs accordingly; unlike a box of chocolates or a bouquet of flowers, you can’t exactly leave the gift of song to wilt on a doorstep. Get your groove on and really beat those donation targets with this memorable and unique fundraisingidea!

5. Kick it with the kids

Do you know of a few good-as-gold kids who’d be willing to get behind your charity? Are you a proud parent who has confidence that your kid can do you proud? If you have a little faith in your family, then why not ask them to volunteer themselves to help your local community to do everything from DIY to daycare?

Simply ask like-minded parents to - essentially - rent their children’s time to do chores for friendly neighbours and locals - all in exchange for charitable donations. Of course, you’d need full cooperation and consent from the kids in question! Partnering with a local school or youth group will make to make sure that you have ample volunteers to match a variety of different jobs around your neighbourhood.With a little help from your friends for supervision, you could really make a lot of money whilst also making a difference to the community spirit in your town.

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