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Why you should be asking for donations in person

Take the time to have a one-on-one conversation

Two women chatting in a cafe.

With the Virgin Money London Marathon being our biggest, annual fundraising event, we asked our fundraisers what really worked for them.

Whilst sharing your story on social media will help, nothing is quite as compelling as sharing your story in person and having a one-on-one conversation:

"Of those we asked, 95% found talking to people really worked for them"

Why you should do it

It can sometimes be hard to get people’s attention when asking for donations if you’re sending emails or posting on social media. It may sound obvious, but asking for sponsorship in person can often be the key to getting someone to take the time to donate to your page.

When you talk to people one on one, you’re investing time in appealing to your friends personally. You’re showing hand on heart how much you care, so they can see for themselves why it matters. Plus when you’re in front of someone, it’s hard for them to say no when you ask for a donation! Just make sure to follow up with an email as a little reminder.

It’s more than just asking for a donation

The great thing about having a conversation about your fundraising is that it gives you the time to talk about why you’re raising money for your charity and how the money raised will be spent. People like to know their donation will really make a difference. It may also encourage them to give slightly more if they know how the money will be used.

So don’t be shy! You’re doing a great thing raising money for charity and people will be interested to hear your story. And let’s be honest, technology is good, but you can’t beat a good old conversation.

Need more ideas? Check out Heidi’s story on how she raised over £4,000 by sharing her personal story with her connections on Instagram.

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