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August Fundraising Ideas and Events

5 summer friendly fundraising options that everyone will enjoy

With it being our last chance to soak up the dregs of the summer sun, we’re ready to fill August with some outdoors orientated fundraising events

June and July have come and gone, and now we find ourselves faced with the last summer month: August. After a heavy year of countless lockdowns and limited social lives, the prospect of a restriction-free, sun-filled month is almost too much to take in - not that we’re complaining. With it being our last chance to soak up the dregs of the summer sun, we’re ready to fill August with some outdoors orientated fundraising events.

Are you keen to form a summer fundraiser but want to avoid the generic options? Say goodbye to bake sales and bingo nights, for we have some great alternative options to get you started. Here are 5 fun ways for you to fundraise with your friends and family this August…

1. Have fun with a run

Though 2020 has offered many virtual alternatives to sporting fundraising events, when it comes to running, nothing quite compares to the real deal. This year, August is filled with many a marathon - such as the Wimbledon Half Marathon (1st August) and the Vitality Big Half Sunday (22nd August). But, with limited spaces and often a focus on London, it isn’t always possible to take part. If you’re far from Big Ben and have missed the deadline, why don’t you host your own running event in your local area to make money for charity? Your fundraising goals will be "run" and dusted in no time.

Gather up some fellow running enthusiasts who are keen to come and sweat it for sponsors, and challenge them to an agreed distance. Simply charge a fee to take part and ask for sponsors from the local community. You could even organise a prize for the fastest time. Go the distance and wear-in those soles for sponsors!

2. Crab for coins

Have you been a hermit this year, but are mad about all things marine? If you have easy access to the salty seaside shore, your next fundraising event could be a little more on the clam side than the glam side. If that sounds like a bit of you, we suggest pinching those pennies for your chosen charity, and hosting a crabbing competition to ‘shellabrate’ National Marine Week (July 25th - August 8th).

Head down to your local harbour or pier and invite a crustacean-loving crew to take part in a crabbing competition: simply ask for a donation to participate, some sponsors from watchers on and then provide a prize for the winner of the most crabs caught. Throw in a sea-themed fancy dress code and we’re shore you’ll get sponsors in no time.

3. Get growing

Do you go ga-ga for a good greenhouse and love a lazy day at the allotment? If so, we suggest it’s time you go full Wallace and Gromit and host your very own vegetable growing competition for charity - you herb it here first, folks!

Top 10 Easy to Grow Vegetables For Your Garden Or Allotment

  1. Courgettes
  2. Broad beans
  3. Mange tout
  4. Peas
  5. French beans
  6. Rocket
  7. Chicories
  8. Leeks
  9. Cavolo Nero
  10. Chard

To honour National Allotments Week (9 August - 15 August), why not raise money for charity by spending your summer growing spuds and swedes? Encourage your vegetable-loving locals to compete by paying a small fee and run the competition for the whole month: the most magnificent marrow, awe-inspiring aubergine or overside onion at the end of it all will then win a prize! To make sure you really beet those fundraising targets, you could even host a vegetable sale with the resulting produce, or donate any money that you would’ve spent on vegetables from the supermarket that month.

4. Cheers to charity

Have you felt a little blue over the past year and fancy looking to the white side of life (or red or rosé)...? If you’re a fan of all things wine related and don’t mind getting merry to raise money, then wine not host a wine tasting for charity? With it being National Prosecco Day (August 13th) this month, it would be rude not to!

You really don’t need to go to grape lengths to raise money with a wine tasting: team up with a local winery or sommelier to provide the goods for a good cause, and invite all your friends and family to take part. By asking for a decent donation to enjoy the tasting and teaming up with a willing winery, you’ll be able to get sipping for sponsors and bottle up those charitable donations in no time.

5. Snap for sponsors

Fancy yourself quite the photographer and have an eye for all things arty? It’s time to look to the lens and lean into your creative side for your next fundraising event. From painting portraits for commissions, to sculpting for sponsors, there are many artistic ways to raise money for charity. However, as it’s World Photo Day (August 19th), one of the simplest ways to get creative for cash this summer is by hosting a nature focussed photo competition!

Advertise it far and wide, brief your budding photographers to take their best frames of all things outdoors, and then host an art show at the end of it all to showcase the snaps. You could hold the event outdoors and sell prints of the pictures, as well as refreshments, to make extra money. You’ll be a few camera clicks away from smashing those fundraising targets, we promise you that.

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