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How do I start with fundraising?

Fundraising can be difficult at the best of times, let alone during a pandemic, and a lot of people have questions: how to fundraise for charity safely, what are the best fundraising ideas, what fundraising makes a lot of money, how do I fundraise without breaking social distancing laws and so on. To help you find the answers we have produced this beginner’s guide to fundraising.

In it you’ll find everything you need to know from easy fundraising ideas to expert advice on using social media to raise money. We’ll show you how to set up a fundraising page, the best apps to use for fundraising and how to publicise your efforts. We have an entire section on virtual fundraising to help you continue to work towards your target during the ‘new normal’ we find ourselves living though as well as first-hand advice from those that have been there and done it.

1. Where to start with fundraising?

Your beginners' guide to fundraising

2. Promoting your fundraising

So you've chosen your charity, set up your VMG page and established your target. Your fundraising journey is well and truly underway – but how do you let the world know about your efforts?

3. COVID compliant fundraising events

Holding fundraising events is not easy at the best of times. And these are not the best of times. Thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, since March 2020 a lot of fundraising has moved online. While we’re hopeful that real-life fundraising events will be back in full swing before the end of 2021, this section will focus on running events with Covid-era restrictions – some involve social distancing and won’t be possible during strict lockdowns, while others are fully virtual and can be held regardless of the current Covid regulations.

4. How to fundraise through work and school

While a small number of fundraising campaigns capture the public imagination, the reality for most people is that the majority of donations will come from people you know. Workplaces and schools are fantastic sources of potential donations that are all too often left untapped – you might be surprised by how colleagues will joyfully work together to support one of their own who is raising funds for a good cause, while kids always love an opportunity to break up their school day (particularly if learning from home) with a fundraising adventure.

5. Last minute advice for fundraising

Sometimes we all need some inspiration when it comes to raising money for charity. In our final section we have gathered together fundraising tips from former Virgin Money London Marathon runners who have been there and done it and offer you some extra resources to help with your fundraising.

Why fundraising is more important than ever

One thing is for certain: charities need your help more than ever. The Covid-19 pandemic has had an enormous impact on the voluntary sector: in the month after the first national lockdown began in March 2020, the top 50 UK charities lost 93% of their income compared to the year before, with the charity sector as a whole losing 44%. Luckily people are stepping up to help. Last year’s Virgin Money London Marathon, which was run virtually apart from the elite categories, raised over £16 million and the 2021 race, which will – Covid allowing – see runners return to the streets of the capital alongside an army of virtual runners promises to raise even more. We’re here to help throughout the journey, so let’s set about doing some good.

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