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Discover our Virgin Money Giving Challenge Zone

It’s time to start the Marathon Party

A visitor enjoying the Virgin Money Giving Challenge Zone

The Virgin Money Giving Challenge Zone is one of the highlights of the running show, even if we do say so ourselves. It’s the start of the Virgin Money London Marathon party - and you’re are all invited.

You’ll be greeted by our amazing Challenge Zone Team who are led by our fantastic MC, Mike on the Mic. The atmosphere is electric, and there is so much to see and do for runners and supporters of all ages. Don’t forget to tag us in your social media posts using @VMGiving and #ThanksaBillion


When you enter the Challenge Zone you will be met with the giant totaliser – showing a running total of the amount raised through Virgin Money Giving at the 2019 Virgin Money London Marathon. Make sure you get your photo next to it, it’s your hard work and effort that’s put that figure on there so smile and be proud.

Bowling Alley

You’ll be bowled over when you strike it lucky at our bowling alley! Ok that’s enough puns now. This is one of the many opportunities to win extra donations for your charity so make sure you give it a go.

Strike a pose

Everything you have done so far is a massive achievement and testament to your brilliance, so make sure you celebrate by getting a snap at all the fantastic photo opportunities at the Challenge Zone. You’ll need to rehearse getting that medal placed round your neck so be sure to check out our giant medal photo shoot.

It’s only a game

Even more chances to win extra donations with our Air Hockey and Table Football. Our team will be ready to take you on. Best of luck!

Hit the floor

Twist, vogue or twerk your way to an extra donation with our giant juke box and light up dancefloor. Hit that floor and give charity more with another donation opportunity. Go on, try and resist.

Leave your mark

One of the really special spaces in our Marathon Challenge Zone is our Message Wall. Runners and supporters leave messages of thanks, encouragement and in memory of loved ones. Be sure to take some time to write your own message.


For more information on how the Virgin Money Giving Challenge Zone donations work, head over to our article.

We hope to see you at the Running Show and from everyone at Virgin Money Giving, you are amazing and #ThanksaBillion for raising even more for charity. You’ve got this!

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