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Festive workplace fundraising ideas

Raise some Christmas cheer for charity with our festive workplace fundraising ideas

Image of workplace Christmas fundraising event

‘Tis the season to be jolly – and the workplace should be no exception. Blend some seasonal cheer with a focus on a good cause, and you have the perfect recipe for festive fundraising.

The key is to think of accessible ideas that everyone can get involved with. Set up a fundraising page first so you know who’d like to take part, and then plan a day of fun.

Here are some fab ideas for getting the office into the Christmas spirit, and raising some money to boot.

Wrap it up

For every person who hates wrapping presents, there’s someone who absolutely loves it. Find the people in your office who know how to tie a mean bow, and see if they’d like to offer their gift-wrapping services. Set a target and ask people to pay up before wrap day.

Christmas jumper day

Add a twist to make this one interesting. There could be a prize for the ugliest jumper, or for anyone who ends up accidentally matching. You could make the theme snowman-exclusive, or go alternative and demand that people wear band tees instead of Christmas jumpers. Either way, ‘costume’ days like this are easy for everyone to get involved with.

Fake Christmas dinner

Everyone cooks a dish and brings it in, with donations being a ticket to participation. This one is a winner in several ways, because who doesn’t like Christmas dinner? But also it’s a great way to get the gang together, away from their desks. Just don’t draw the short straw and end up as the sprout cook…


The rules are simple – people on the same desk island can work in teams, or it can be a solo effort. Allow a week for people to prepare their desks. Everything else is fair game. Some people will go to town, others will put in an amusingly low-key effort. But the results are always hilarious.

Santa’s day in the office

Secure a volunteer to dress as Santa. A photo with the big man (or woman) comes at a cost. Extra kudos if you can persuade the boss to don the white beard.

Festive yoga

Enlist a local yoga teacher to run a session over lunch or after work, but replace the names of popular yoga positions with festive names. Downward reindeer, anyone? Or elf pose? How about Christmas tree pose? Each yogi must wear a Santa hat or reindeer antlers to take part.

All set?

It’s time to start fundraising.

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