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10 ways to fundraise without leaving the house

Fast and fun ways to raise funds from your sofa

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Though the world has been slowly waking up from the heavy impact of the pandemic, many of us have become very used to living our lives from the comfort of our homes. It may have been challenging, but we’ve all witnessed the sheer resistance of charity campaigners and fundraisers over the last year, by seeing them flourish under such tough circumstances. As it turns out, a little lockdown or two hasn’t gotten in the way of do-gooders hitting their targets.

Fancy fundraising, but would rather stick to the sitting room and avoid the more physical marathons and sponsored sprints? We see you and we hear you. Here at Virgin Money Giving, we have some top stay-at-home fundraising tips to get you inspired:

1. Challenge yourself

Do you dare? For those of you who like to live on the wild side, it’s time to take on a garish challenge that you may not have tried before and get sponsored to do so. Ever fancied shaving your head, eating a tonne of fiery chillies or taking an ice bath? Now is your time to shine! Document your chosen challenge, spread the word on social media and raise those funds.

Still want to challenge yourself but would prefer to keep your barnet? Ask your family and friends to sponsor you and grow your hair for as long as possible. You could then donate all the precious pennies you would’ve spent on haircuts and donate to a cause you care for!

2. Settle for the stairs

Ever thought of climbing your stairs for sponsors? Sure, they may not have the snowy summits of Snowdon but your household stairs can really take your fundraising to new heights. Last year, we saw the likes of 90 year old Margaret Payne climb the equivalent of Highland mountain Suilven (2,398ft) by taking 282 trips up and down her stairs, in aid of NHS Charities Together.

Fancy beating Ben Nevis or climbing Kilimanjaro? Pick a peak, live stream the show and fundraise for your charity of choice: small steps can make a big difference.

3. Get groovy

Cue the music! Throughout lockdown, musicians and performers have tried to bring a little joy to our living rooms by live streaming home-concerts and gigs. Whether you fancy yourself as a Fatboy Slim in the making or you simply love spreading some sounds, keep your friends and family entertained with a 24-hour live streamed DJ set.

Simply ask for sponsors in the lead up to the gig and then charge listeners a small fee for joining the stream and let those all important donations roll in. Don’t let your fundraising targets drop - just leave that to the beat.

4. Put the kettle on

Are you a sucker for a sit down tea party? A classic cucumber sandwich and a pot of tea can really work wonders. This year, why not host a mass virtual tea party or coffee morning and invite all of your favourite tea-sipping friends? You could even try and beat the current Guinness World Record for the biggest virtual tea party!

Bake your favourite cake and ask for sponsors from friends and family, as well as asking for an attendance donation. By charging a small fee for the privilege of joining in, you’ll brew up those donations in no time. Who says scoffing scones is bad for you when it’s for chari-tea...?

5. Sing for sponsors

Whether they’ve been part of a choir, band or solo act, singing has proven to be a popular way to raise money from home over the last year. Reckon you’ve got pipes that rival Pink or the smooth tones like Tom Jones? Turn that talent to use and sing a few songs for a good cause.

Simply pull together some fellow performers, ask for sponsors, a participation fee and host a virtual sing-along. Even if you can’t hold a tune to save your life - you could allow it to save someone else’s.

6. Be charitable at the checkout

Throughout lockdown, online shopping became a real source of serotonin for many - and the urge to slow down isn’t coming any time soon. Even if you’re a shopaholic, it’s now easier than ever to give a little back with your buys. Next time you shop, seek out retailers that will let you donate your points to charity - you can then generate small donations over time at no extra cost to you!

If you want to take it a step further, you can opt for Amazon Smile and other similar schemes to buy a gift from a charities’ wish list, or, on special occasions, choose to give your friends and family charity vouchers rather than cards and chocolate! Who knew shopping could feel this good?

7. Call on your colleagues

Though we may not all be in the office right now, most companies have utilised the virtual world and held some cracking events and socials throughout this odd year. Now that we’re used to it, why not organise a virtual social and donate the money you would’ve spent on a venue, drinks and snacks? You could even add up the cost of your collective commutes and contribute the sum to your chosen charity.

Not only is it a great chance to socialise with your colleagues, it’s also an amazing opportunity to have access to big numbers: more people means more money! Simply pick a theme, get them giggling and reel in those sponsors.

8. Turn to teaching

Attention class! Do you have a special skill that you’d like to share with the world? It’s time to take centre stage! Whether it’s baking, ballet, tai chi or tap dancing, hosting a virtual class for others to sign up to and sponsor is a really great way to hit those donation targets.

Choose a platform, perhaps Zoom or Youtube, and host some free classes with a donation link available at all times. Ensure that you let your students know that you’re teaching for a cause - that way they’ll be more included to sign up for free and then sponsor you. You may not get an apple at the end of the class, but the personal reward will be just as delicious.

9. Get your game on

Good at gaming and have a feel for fundraising? Console and controller at the ready: it’s time to get gaming for good. What better way to get involved and excited about raising money than organising a virtual gaming day?

Use a live-streaming gaming platform such as Twitch to host your event, and ask for players and viewers to sponsor your cause. All you need is a few eager participants and some prizes for the winners to excite the crowd - you’ll be a tournament or two away from tearing up your targets.

10. Come together with a quiz

We know what you’re all thinking - not another virtual quiz, right? Though we may all have overdone the quizzes in lockdown one, we don’t think they should be forgotten from our fundraising forums just yet! Anyone can be forgiven for putting on a virtual quiz if it’s in the name of a charitable cause....

It’s super easy to host a quiz from home: simply pick a fun topic, choose a live-streaming platform and ask for sponsors from people participating. To make things a little more exciting, why not offer a mystery prize to the winner? Brush up on your general knowledge and bring in those donations.

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