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10 family-friendly fundraising ideas

Creative charity fundraising ideas for kids

When teaching children about being charitable it’s important to demonstrate that doing good deeds can be jam-packed with joy

The clue is in the name: fundraising isn’t what it should be without a little ‘fun’. When it comes to teaching children about the value of money, charity and giving back to good causes, it’s important to demonstrate that doing good deeds can be jam-packed with joy. The more they enjoy the experience, the more likely it is that they’ll learn that fundraising really can be, well, fun.

Looking for a little inspiration and some great fundraising ideas? We’re here to help. Here are 10 simple and creative fundraising ideas that are sure to sweep a smile on your child’s face.

1. Put on a field day

From sports day to the annual summer fair, outdoor events have historically been a fantastic way to get children involved and energised with fundraising. After all, who doesn’t love a little fresh air? Put some colour back in your cheeks and take your fundraising outside with a field day!

Simply find a nearby field, and set up some fun activities for people to pay to play. From games of traditional tug of war, water balloon tossing and a three-legged race, a fun field day offers more than enough opportunities to raise those all important donations. Ask the older children to take over and charge a small entrance donation. Why not take things a step further and set up a barbeque and sell some sausages on the side? Trust us, you’re a hotdog and game of hopscotch away from smashing those fundraising targets!

2. Plan a planting party

Are you a tree-hugger at heart? If you’re a sucker for mother nature and keen to get your kids to go green, we have the perfect fundraising activity for you and your family - try a tree-planting party! A great fit for groups with easy access to a community garden or to school grounds, what better way is there to raise money for a good cause than aiding the environment?

Dominate those donation targets by asking members of your community to sponsor a new tree: not only is it a fun day out, but it’s also a great incentive for the kids to learn some gardening skills. Plus, if you’re more of a flower fan, you can simply sell different different seeds on the day as another way to raise money. Harness that flower power and watch your funds really bloom.

3. Call for a cupcake competition

Do you have a star baker in the family? Fancy asking your kids to bake for a buck? Pull out your inner Paul and Prue and host a cupcake competition! For families, cupcake contests are a tasty way to fundraise: all you need is several amateur bakers, a prize for the champion and a place to host your contest. Trust us, it will be all fondant and games.

Budding bakers can compete for the best cupcake title by bringing their best bakes along and paying a small fee to enter the competition. You can also raise more money by asking people to pay a fee before tasting each cupcake and casting their vote! It’s a sure way to break the fundraising bank - or should we say ‘cake’ the bank?

4. Wag and wash

Do the dogs down your street look a little ‘ruff’ round the edges? What better way to encourage your children to raise money for charity than throwing some pretty pups into the mix? Add a few tails to your weekend and host a wag-tastic doggy wash for the whole family to enjoy.

Call every man and their dog down to your event and offer to pamper people’s pups for a small fee. Spend a sunny day manning a dog-wash station and watch the funds fly in: it’s a pawfect way to get your kids involved in the fundraising fun. Who wouldn’t want to scrub a dalmatian for donations?

5. Get spooky for sponsors

October or not, all children love Halloween. Looking for a spooky charity event that you can host any time of year? You better boo-lieve we’ve found it. Why not dead-icate a day to fundraising and host a haunted house with your kids?

If you’re not up for using your own home, find a good location such as a school hall or community building, to set up your haunted house. You can call on some adult friends to dress as witches and warlocks and help you host the event! Charge a small entry price for little ghouls and goblins to go through your haunted house. Make more money by selling some ghosty groceries, such as candy apples and pumpkin pasties, and make it a spook-tacular event to remember.

6. Put pen to paper

Sometimes, the power of the written word is enough. Why not let your children learn a valuable lesson in writing by hosting a letter writing workshop? Harness those handwriting skills and raise money for a cause of your choice.

Make the kids feel like grown-ups for the day by collating a list of potential sponsors, purchasing colourful paper, gel pens and envelopes, and inviting the children to put pen to paper. Encourage the children to write letters to send far and wide, asking for donations and sponsorships: you’ll be one envelope-seal away from smashing those fundraising targets.

7. Paint for pennies

Is there a Van Gough in your midst? Do your kids play with the paintbrush? From face painting to putting on a painting competition - there are so many ways to put a little heart into your art and raise funds for charity.

Pick a day to step up to the palette and ask the kids to give a small fee for taking part in a painting competition: you can give them a brief to stick to and offer a prize for the best painting. Simply stock up on paints and paddles, ask people to sponsor their favourite little artist and let the competition commence. Who says you can’t be smart with art?

8. Fundraise with flowers

What matters most to children? Mum’s the word. Why not ask the local kids to show their mum’s a little love by hosting a bouquet-making day? Mother’s Day or not, a flower sale is a great way to double those donations.

Unsure which flowers will sell the best? Country Living polled over 2,000 adults to find out Britain's top 10 favourite flowers and the results may help you pick which petals to peddle:

  1. Roses
  2. Lilies
  3. Tulip
  4. Daffodil
  5. Sunflower
  6. Orchid
  7. Carnation
  8. Bluebell
  9. Freesia
  10. Poppy

Once you’ve selected your blossoms, why not try teaming up with a local florist and see if they can donate some flowers and bouquet-making equipment to set up the stall? Ask the kids for donations to take part in the bouquet-making class and sell some blooms on the side to raise extra funds! Tip toe amongst the tulips, barter over bluebells and turn those stems into sponsors.

9. Boss a bingo night

What’s a fun and easy game that even the little’uns can enjoy? Bingo - you guessed it! Gather all your friends and family and put on a kid’s bingo tournament to raise money for charity.

Step up to the mic and utilise the night with sponsors in mind. Charge a small entry fee, set up a raffle on the side and take the opportunity to educate people all about your chosen charity, by reminding people to give sponsors throughout the night. Get the kids excited and keep your eyes on the prize by making it an exciting evening for all. Even grandma and grandpa will be up for this fundraiser…

10. Have fun at your own funfair

What says fun more than a funfair? From candyfloss to carriage rides - there’s nothing better than a day at the fair with your family. So, why not have your own fun-filled fundraiser by hosting your own fair?

Set up in a nearby space, such as a field or spacious garden, and make sure you have all the essentials: we’re thinking candy apples, rubber duck arenas and fluffy toys galore. There’s no need to worry about renting expensive rides, just call on your community to help create DIY games and booths. You can charge an entry fee and ask for donations throughout the day. Bite down on a burger or two and bring in those sponsors.

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