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If you're an existing fundraiser or charity you can still sign in to your account until the platform closes fully in February 2022.

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How to boost your fundraising through your employer

Find out how your employer can help your fundraising efforts through matched fundraising schemes and more.

Find out how your employer can help your fundraising efforts through matched fundraising schemes and more.

Matched funding schemes, offered by hundreds of companies in the UK, typically happen on a straightforward 1:1 basis, meaning that for every £1 you raise, your employer will give an additional £1 to your cause. In some cases you’ll get less or more than you’re offering, but in every case it’s win-win for you and your chosen charity. Look out for the various attached T&Cs: there might be an upper limit to the amount they will give, they might only work with certain charities, or they might offer a cash alternative such as paid days off work so you can get out there and fundraise.

If your employer doesn’t have a matched funding scheme, it might be worth trying to talk them into launching one. Tell them that it presents a fantastic opportunity for positive engagement with both employees and the wider community. By helping employees raise money for the causes closest to their heart, they can help their staff feel valued and well looked-after, which might result in a greater sense of affinity to the firms they work for. By giving to charity, the employer can make a positive contribution to society and enhance its reputation as a values-driven business. Many companies take Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) extremely seriously, in the knowledge that a strong CSR standing helps attract customers and clients who share similar values. Oh, and you also might want to mention that charitable contributions can be deductible for tax purposes.

Find out how a marathon runner raised a massive £24,565 for the National Autistic Society by working with local businesses

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