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How to fundraise on Facebook

Helpful tips on how to fundraise on Facebook.

Helpful tips on how to fundraise on Facebook.

Instagram is prettier, Snapchat cooler and Twitter funnier, but when it comes to fundraising, Facebook is where your donors are most likely to be. Research last year revealed that the people most likely to give to charity are 40 to 59-year-olds, who are more likely to use Facebook than other platforms. Quality not quantity is the key on this platform – avoid spamming people and instead focus on posts that keep people engaged. Thanks to Facebook's algorithm, anyone who engages with your posts is much likelier to see your future posts and people who rarely interact with your content will eventually stop seeing your posts in their news feed altogether.

Evenings are peak time on Facebook and a great time to post; you can schedule your posts in advance via Facebook’s own publishing tools. If you have a video to share, it’s better to embed it in Facebook itself rather than linking to your page or YouTube etc. If people have to click out of Facebook to see what you’re sharing they’re much less likely to watch it.

And a simple but key piece of advice: check your privacy settings to ensure that as many people as possible can view your page and interact with you.

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