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How to run a socially distanced fundraising event

The coronavirus outbreak has posed a unique challenge to fundraisers – how can you run fundraising events while keeping yourself and those around you safe?

Keep fundraising and keep yourself safe hosting a socially distanced fundraising event

Depending on local and national restrictions, you may or may not be allowed to meet people outdoors for small socially-distanced gatherings. If it is possible to hold small events legally and safely, it might provide a valuable opportunity to truly connect with potential fundraisers. Here are three ideas:

1. How to raise money from an outdoor wine tasting


Host an alfresco wine-tasting event: you just need a few bottles of tasty vino, an expert oenophile to talk about them, and thirsty punters ready to go to the park or a private garden to drink them. For the first two requirements, hit up your local wine shop – they might be willing to donate a few bottles and a knowledgeable staff member for the chance to promote their wares while doing some good. Finding people to drink wine is the easy bit; the price of admission, of course, is a generous donation to your chosen charity.

2. How to raise money from a treasure hunt

Treasure hunt

Hide various household items in a park or along a set route, set a series of clues and ask individuals or teams from the same household to look for them, one group at a time. The treasure hunters – who will donate money to your chosen charity for the privilege of tracking down your hairbrushes, dustpans and the like – send you a photo each time they find an item on their list (ask them to re-hide the item so it’s ready for the next team) and the team to email you all the photos in the shortest time is covered in glory.

3. How to raise money from a cycling tour

In exchange for a donation, offer tickets for a bicycle tour around your local area – and appoint yourself the guide. The itinerary is up to you, but you’ll find it far easier if it reflects your interests. Foodies can take guests to food outlets offering takeaways, history buffs can guide cyclists to statues and landmarks, and architecture aficionados can steer their two-wheeled cohort to local buildings of interest. If you’ve got the personality to pull it off, you could make the tour all about you – your first home, your first school, the location of your first kiss… Brush up on those hilarious personal anecdotes and create an experience that’s totally unique.

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