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Ideas To Make Your Virgin Money Giving Fundraising Page Brilliant

Great ideas to engage your supporters and increase fundraising

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So, you’ve set yourself a new fundraising challenge (gulp), and created your own Virgin Money Giving fundraising page to support it – what next?

Having your own fundraising page is essential when you’re aiming to fundraise online – but setting up the page is just the start. From words to photos and even videos, there are so many things you can add to your page to really tell your story, helping engage people with your cause and encouraging them to donate.

We’ve researched the key ways to make an online fundraising page successful and ensured it’s easy for you, as a Virgin Money Giving fundraiser, to add these elements to your page. Welcome to our guide to putting together an absolutely fantastic fundraising page that should persuade anyone who clicks on it to donate to your cause.

Upload a profile photo

Adding a picture of yourself will help draw in people’s attention when they land on your page. You could even use it to help tell your story, by including a photo of yourself training for your challenge, or the person or charity for which you’re fundraising.

Set a target

This is a sure-fire boost to your cause – our research has shown that people who set a target on their fundraising page raise more than people who don’t. So whether it’s a hundred quid or a five-figure sum, make sure you include one. It will give you something to aim for and could even sway your donors to give a little bit extra to help you get there.

Tell your story

You’ll maximise your fundraising potential by ensuring you share your fundraising page not just among friends, family and colleagues, but also people you may not already know but who have a personal affinity with your cause.

So, don’t assume all your readers will know exactly why you’re supporting your chosen charity – provide details about the ‘what’, ‘why’, ‘who’, ‘when’ and ‘where’ and you’ll be on your way to reaching (or smashing!) your target.

Use the ‘My Story’ section on your fundraising page to explain – using words, photos and even videos, if you like – what drove you to raise money for this particular cause and what difference the money you raise could make. This is your space to really engage potential supporters with your cause, so don’t be afraid you let your passions and emotions show. It may help to make sure you answer questions in your story-telling such as:

By telling people what their donation would mean, it might encourage them to add a little more! And if you’re fundraising for someone special, remember you could share their story too.

Update your story

You can edit the ‘My Story’ section of your fundraising page at any time. We know from experience that those who do provide updates often go on to achieve and exceed their fundraising target. Updates can be on things such as your training programme, latest news such as forthcoming bake sales, progress towards your target and messages of thanks to those who have already donated. So remember to take people on the journey with you to keep them engaged and supportive!

Thank your supporters

When people donate to your page, their donations will be visible under the ‘Supporters’ section. Send a personal thank you for the donation – a personal message makes all the difference as it shows people know how much their support means to you (and of course the charities that you’re supporting).

Once you’ve perfected your Virgin Money Giving fundraising page, you may want to turn your attention to other ways to promote your efforts. Check out How to promote your fundraising for more tips on how to achieve your target.

Have you gone the extra mile to inspire more people to donate? We’d love to hear your story and top fundraising tips on Facebook and Twitter.

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