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Fundraising heroes: How we raised £9,000 as a team and honoured our friend in the process

How Super Lou’s Ladies teamed up for Brain Research UK

Team Super Lou’s Ladies cheering post-marathon with their new medals

As one quarter of the team ‘Super Lou’s Ladies’, Emma Pitt helped to raise an incredible £9,228 for Brain Research UK by running the 2019 Virgin Money London Marathon in memory of her friend Louise Moore. Here she shares the secrets of her team’s success.

You raised a phenomenal amount of money, nearly £10,000. How did you do it?

The main thing was getting our story out to as many people as possible. We used social media to regularly ask people to donate. We held a charity night and sold tickets that included raffle prizes, food and karaoke. We advertised it in the local newspaper, who were really helpful. They didn’t charge us for advertising and allowed us to have a QR code, which made it easier for people to donate.

We also contacted our local football team, Millwall, who were happy to help. They donated two match tickets for our raffle and featured us in their match-day programme. I would definitely recommend contacting the local sports teams.

Charity Night

How did running in the memory of your friend Louise help motivate you during difficult periods of your training and fundraising?

From the day Louise was given her cancer diagnosis to the day she passed away, she never gave up fighting or hoping. Her outlook and attitude was inspiring to us. Louise was still with us when we had our places confirmed last year and we promised her we would get her the medals (every runner gets them for completing the course) as she had once attempted the marathon herself but had to drop out halfway through it. Through all the training - and it was very cold that winter - she was the little voice in our heads telling us to keep going!

Super Lou's ladies

How important was running as a team to you?

It was so important! Having someone to train with makes so much difference and helps you keep to the schedule, as it’s harder to miss a training session if someone is relying on you to turn up. We supported each other and started a group chat for marathon training conversations.

How did being part of a team help with fundraising?

We worked really well as a team, using our different skills to execute our ideas. We called on lots of favours and donations, and used our local community to get behind us.

What are the drawbacks of running as a team?

Not all being the same pace can be a negative for the faster runners, but our aim was always just to finish the marathon and get those medals for Louise.

Is there anything you wish you’d done differently? Any mistakes you can help other people running the marathon avoid?

Don’t stress over the little things and try to enjoy it! Apart from making far too much curry for our charity night, we loved every minute of it and I know we did our darling friend so very proud.

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