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New Balance: finding the right trainers for your running style

From gait analysis to their top five trainers for marathon runners

From gait analysis to their top five trainers for marathon runners

Everyone’s running style is unique and it’s important to find the right fit trainers for you. That way you can focus on clocking your miles in without worrying about getting injured. Here New Balance takes you through everything you need to know from gait analysis, to what trainers you can wear.

Finding your running style

Gait analysis tracks your running style from one foot to the other, from the stance phase to the swing phase. Getting gait analysis done is the first step to find what support you need on your runs.

When you get your analysis done, you’ll fall into one of three styles:

Find out more about gait analysis or submit a video to New Balance who can help you decide what support you need.

Once you know whether you’re a neutral runner or someone who pronates, you can start finding the right trainers for you. We caught up with Technical Field Representative Molly from New Balance who recommended their top five trainers for marathon runners.

Top five trainers for marathon runners

1. 1080v9 New Balance

1080v9 New Balance trainers - Men1080v9 New Balance trainers - Women

For a neutral runner, the 1080v9 (new 1080v10 dropping November) features our Fresh Foam which has the most premium cushioning. It is durable with a full blown rubber outsole as well as very cushioned for spending a long time on your feet. The upper is an engineered mesh which is breathable. In addition, the 1080 features a wide toe box and gives space for your toes as your feet swell the longer you are on them and the last thing you want is squashed feet.

2. 860v10 New Balance

860v10 New Balance trainers - Men860v10 New Balance trainers - Women

For a person that pronates, they need a stability shoe. The 860v10 (new model released this month - October) is a very popular shoe of ours and gives people the support and cushioning for the marathon. It has a medial post to stop over pronation. It uses a TruFuse midsole which is a little more responsive than Fresh Foam but still cushioned enough for the marathon.

3. Vongo v4 New Balance

Vongo v4 New Balance trainers - MenVongo v4 New Balance trainers - Women

Another shoe that provides stability is the Vongo v4. It uses a Fresh Foam midsole but it is unique in that it has a split midsole where the medial side of the shoe is denser than the lateral side. This is great because it gives a really nice heel-to-toe transition while providing support at the same time.

4. 880v9 New Balance

880v9 New Balance trainers - Men880v9 New Balance trainers - Women

The 880v9 is another option for a neutral shoe. It is very similar to the 860v10 but doesn’t include the medial post as it is for those runners who don’t pronate.

5. Fresh Foam More New Balance

Fresh Foam More New Balance trainers - MenFresh Foam More New Balance trainers - Women

The final shoe I would recommend is the Fresh Foam More (neutral). It offers maximal cushioning with a lower offset to give a more natural feeling. It is also relatively lightweight despite having the most Fresh Foam material in the shoe of our Fresh Foam range. It uses a ground contact Fresh Foam which is packed more densely to make it more durable but maintain its light weight.

Visit New Balance for more information

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