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Prepping for a marathon: big pink dress style

A guide to getting ready for race day

Prepping for a marathon: big pink dress style

Colin Burgin-Plews, better known as the ‘Man in the Big Pink Dress’, talks to us about getting ready for the Virgin Money London Marathon.

It’s two weeks before race day. What are you doing to get prepared for the big day?

I’m a stickler for lists. I love them as they help me to get organised and jot down everything that is in my head in priority order. I check and double check everything I'll need from safety pins, my number, gels and things for my dress. It would be a nightmare to get to London realising I’d left something in Newcastle. Don’t add unnecessary stress to yourself and be organised.

What kind of things will you be doing with two weeks to go?

I usually relax this close to the run, I keep my runs short and keep up with my strength training and exercise. I also use this time to ramp up my fundraising and if I have already reached my target I try and go the extra mile. At the end of the day the more money I raise for my chosen cause the better.

What will you eat the night before?

Same as most, I'll be carbing-up on pasta and enjoying it a lot! But no alcohol – that is a definite ‘no, no’.

What will be in your bag on race day?

I never take a bag to the start line. The dress is a lot to carry once I finish so I don’t want any other baggage to carry around. After the race I head back to the hotel in the dress and then finally take it off and pop something a little more comfortable on.

What are you going to do after the race?

Truly celebrate with a long cold beer in a nice hot bath while wearing my medal and be very proud of myself for completing it.

You can find out more about Colin and his journey by visiting his Virgin Money Giving Guru page.

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