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#SaveOurCharities - how fundraising in the UK has changed after lockdown

The highs, the lows and how you can #ShareTheFundraisingSpirit

James Page crossing his toilet-paper finish line after his marathon at home for Children with Cancer UK

James Page, running a marathon in his back garden for Children with Cancer UK.

The world of fundraising has changed since the coronavirus lockdown. From in-person to online and mass events to fun social media challenges, we’re all pulling together and supporting the causes we care about in new ways.

We're fundraising from home

We used to run the Virgin Money London Marathon in April. Now we’re doing marathons in our gardens, hallways and neighbourhoods, like James Page (pictured above).

Before, we’d meet up with family and friends and go to fundraising events together. Now we’re creating our own challenges and nominating people to take them on, like the amazing Run for Heroes campaign.

We used to go trekking and climb mountains but during lockdown, we’ve been going the extra mile on our stairs, like Margaret Payne.

Charity gigs? Not at the moment. We rock out on our sofas, like Drum For NHS.

Anyone can make a difference – it’s time to be more creative than ever.

We've broken fundraising records

You don’t have to be together to come together.

In the month after lockdown, we broke fundraising records and raised an incredible £19 million for UK charities. That’s 1.15 million donations and 151% more in value – just wow.

We’re right behind the causes helping people during the pandemic

Nobody could have predicted a global pandemic or realised just how much we need our NHS heroes. But we’ve run 5Ks, shaved our heads, cycled round the world and, of course, clapped for them on Thursdays. Amazingly, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Together we’re now donating 2000% more to NHS causes and 3000% more to food banks.

All our charities need us

Our charities now need us to rally round them. It’s been incredible to see such large numbers support the NHS and food banks. But let’s remember, other causes need help as well.

In the month after lockdown began, the top 50 charities lost 93% of their income compared to the year before, with the charity sector as a whole losing 44%.

We mustn’t forget the cancer charities that research new treatments and offer emotional support to families going through tough times. In the month after lockdown, charities like this lost 87% of their fundraising.

Then there are the mental health charities that provide a lifeline to people struggling with depression and anxiety. A little bit of help can go a long, long way. These charities lost 85% of fundraising support in the month after lockdown.

We must also remember the children charities that protect, help and nurture young lives when they need it the most. In the month after lockdown, charities like this saw their income drop by 79%.

These are only a few examples. Charities up and down the country are working day in, day out to support us and we’ll still need them after coronavirus. So remember the causes you loved before and share some of the fundraising spirit with them now. Help to make sure they’re still here when things go back to normal.

How you can help

We’ve pulled together some of the top trending fundraisers on Virgin Money Giving to inspire you and get you in the fundraising mood.

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Share your fundraising spirit

We’d love to see how you’re supporting your charity and why. Motivate others by sharing your stories on social media. Tag us @vmgiving and use the hashtags #SaveOurCharities and #ShareTheFundraisingSpirit.

We’ll be reposting some of your stories and ideas.

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