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Fun and easy team building and fundraising ideas

Some simple fundraising activities to unite your workforce

Doing good makes people feel good. Good vibes, ultimately, can translate into good teamwork, so hosting an office fundraiser is a no brainer

After a year or so of limited contact and stunted social lives, being back in the office and surrounded by our colleagues has been a fresh source of joy for many. The work socials that we used to dread are now a real treat to look forward to, and a great way to form fresh friendships and team build. So, when it comes to building strong connections in the workplace, is there really any better way to rally your peers than uniting together to get behind a shared cause?

It’s simple really - doing good makes people feel good. Good vibes, ultimately, can translate into good teamwork, so hosting an office fundraiser is a no brainer. With the right team building activity, not only will you help boost morale amongst your peers and raise money for a good cause, but you’ll also be one step closer to peak productivity levels within your company. All in a day’s work, right?

If you’re struggling for team building day ideas and need a helping hand, look no further. Here at Virgin Money Giving, we’ve pulled together some foolproof fundraising ideas that lend themselves perfectly to team-building. Read on to discover how singing and boogying with your work buddies can bring in the big bucks…

Dance for donations

Fancy yourself as the next Fred Astaire? Reckon you could take on Shakira with your hips that don’t lie? T.Rex said it first - whether we’re good at it or not - we all like to boogie. Even if it’s not on a ‘Saturday night’, throwing some shapes for sponsors is a great way to build up team morale and have some fun with your colleagues - so why not host a dance-off for your next fundraiser?

All you have to do is set up a registration process to bring together some boogie-loving volunteers and ask them to pay for the privilege of taking part. You can also double your donations by charging a small admission fee for audience members and selling show-time snacks in between the battles! Come on, take a dance on this joyful fundraiser - we promise you’ll beat those donations targets in no time. Plus, if any office-time tomfoolery takes place, you can always just blame it on the boogie…

Create a penalty pot for pennies

Who’s the resident egg-sandwich eater in your office? Or, do you have a member of the team who’s notorious for pressing ‘reply all’? If you work in a playful environment and with a team that doesn’t take things too seriously, then the Penalty Pot is a cheeky charitable option for your next fundraiser.

For a month, simply set up a list of workforce ‘crimes’ - such as being late to meetings, eating smelly lunches or coming into work hungover - and enforce a penalty system for those who perpetuate! Establish one sacred rule for your teammates: people who commit an office crime will have to donate to your chosen charity. Make sure you pick crimes that will encourage all of your team to get involved and invested, as, obviously, the more crimes that are committed, the more money you’ll make. Play with power and get some payments into the penalty pot!

Share on social

Consider yourself a savvy social media sharer? Is your company into all things digital? One of the easiest ways to raise awareness for your chosen charity and double those donations is to share your fundraising story on social media. Platforms like Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and Facebook offer you a huge opportunity to reach out to potential donators - a chance at maximum exposure that you really shouldn’t overlook.

It’s not just about getting donations and sharing your team fundraising page link, it’s about sharing your narrative with your following and communicating to them exactly why they should sponsor you. Think carefully about why this cause means so much to you and your team and be sure to be sincere with your story. Start by snapping some high-quality content and then get sharing online for those all-important sponsors!

Call for lights, camera, action!

Speaking of social media, why don’t you have a stab at going viral? We all saw the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, right? Perfect for getting the whole team involved, the viral video fundraisers are an entertaining way to get down with the kids and down with the donations. Pick some peers who aren’t camera shy and have some fun with a new concept!

Get your heads together and think of a challenge or trend that you could circulate around TikTok or Instagram and remember to do your research beforehand. Once you’ve filmed a few cameo’s and spread the word, simply link to your fundraising page and watch the video go viral. If you have a slick social strategy in place, you’ll see those sponsors soar with just a click of a button.

Play dodgeball for dough

Sucker for a game of dodgeball? Though the game is renowned for being a little rough around the edges, who would begrudge a few bruises when they’re in aid of their chosen charity? Whether you’re into sport or not, it’s time to round up your colleagues and host a dodgeball tournament. It’ll be fun for all involved!

Don’t forget the five D's of dodgeball:

A game of dodgeball is a great way to not only get the whole office together, but also invite community members to get involved in your fundraiser too. Team up with a local school to ask to use their gym facilities for the tournament and invite people from far and wide to create teams. All you need to do is charge a small fee to enter the competition and make things a little more interesting by supplying a prize for the winning team! You could even charge an admission fee for those people who’d like to watch the games take place, too. You’ll be a bounce away from reaching your fundraising goal.

Step up for sponsors

Has your Fitbit been gathering dust lately and are you ready to get off your couch and up and about? Then this fundraiser might be the perfect option for you and your team. Ask your office to get up and out of their cushioned chairs to take part in a sweat-inducing 10,000 step challenge

That’s right, challenge your colleagues to walk 10,000 steps a day for a length of time of your choice (we recommended a few weeks to a month for this) and raise money for charity. Ask your supporters to accept pledges on how long they’ll last with this challenge and have them monitor their progress. Who wouldn’t want to keep fit and fundraise all at the same time?

Sing and strum for support

Is School of Rock one of your favourite films? If so, it's time to channel your inner Jack Black and get a Battle of the Bands going for you and your teammates! Host a rocking event and create a great opportunity to raise money for your chosen cause. There’s bound to be some local talent who are ready to strum some guitar or sing a little soul…

Create an online signup sheet for local bands who would like to register; we’d also suggest encouraging members of your office who think they have what it takes to get involved too, the more the merrier. Spread the word about your event on the company social channels, charge an entrance fee for the audience and try selling some tickets beforehand to bring in those bucks. Put on your best punk rock face and get moshing for money!

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