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Fundraising Apps - The Top 5 Best Fundraising Apps

Give your donations a boost with these top apps

Best fundraising apps

Being able to create fun and engaging content on the go is key, especially if you’re a busy fundraiser, to hit your fundraising target. But the good news is that there are lots of free, mobile apps available to help.

Here we showcase the top five fundraising apps that help you to create content that packs a punch and encourages people to donate to your cause.

1. Quik

iPhone and Android (free)

This mobile app by GoPro makes it easy to turn the footage on your phone into cool videos. Using Quik's free features, you can select footage from your training, fundraising or inspirational videos, choose a soundtrack (from a range of more than 100 songs) and then sit back and watch the app match the footage to the rhythm of the track. The beauty of Quik is that you don’t need to know the first thing about editing a video in order to create a professional-looking video. When your friends ask you who put it together, wink and say, ‘A little friend of mine called Spielberg’, and then jog into the distance.

2. Instagram

iPhone and Android (free)

The ubiquitous photo and video platform has obvious advantages if you want to broadcast to a large audience – one billion monthly users isn't bad – but one function in particular is valuable for fundraisers. Using Stories, which allows you to create short temporary videos in which you can add filters to make you look like a variety of animals or plants should you wish, you can keep your followers updated on your progress without it feeling like you're bombarding them. The app's blissfully intuitive interface means that filming yourself on your phone and posting it online is a case of about three taps of the finger.

3. Anchor

iPhone and Android (free)

Anchor is a podcast app that gives you a platform to talk about whatever excites you. What makes Anchor so attractive (a third of new podcasts are created using the app) is that you don’t need to be a podcasting expert; its simple design means that you're able to record and broadcast at the drop of a hat, so you can easily record an entire podcast while on the go. And it's easy to drag and drop audio from GarageBand or other apps into your podcast content too, contributing to a more bespoke, professional end product.

4. Hootsuite

iPhone and Android (free to £25 per month for Hootsuite Pro option)

This is for the fundraisers who like to get organised; the guys who have booked up their holidays through to 2022, have a pension plan and can actually remember where they left their keys. Hootsuite lets you schedule regular social media posts, as well as monitor how these updates perform. In one system you can manage a range of social media including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google+, checking responses and tailoring your content accordingly. Hootsuite makes your life easier and it's simple to schedule a regular donation shout-out too.

5. Foursquare

iPhone and Android (free)

Using Foursquare, you’re able to check in to attractions and businesses in your area. If you’re gearing up for a challenge, anyone following you on Foursquare can keep up-to-date with your training by seeing where you have checked in, and, if you leave short reviews ('tips') of somewhere you have visited, local businesses may return the kindness by donating to your cause. The app can also help turn a mundane jog in a new area into a guided tour, recommending kebab joints or picturesque locations for the smuggest of selfies.

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