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The Man in the Pink dress has a new costume

Colin Burgin-Plews has unveiled his 2019 Virgin Money London Marathon dress

Colin Plews

Our very own Fundraising Guru Colin Burgin-Plews, more famously known as ‘Man in the Pink Dress’, has unveiled this year’s dress creation and we’re so proud that he’s chosen us (Virgin Money Giving) to feature on his design.

As he does every year, Colin is running and fundraising for the charity Breast Cancer Now. While he holds the cause very close to his heart, he decided to use this year’s opportunity to celebrate all the great work of charities and fundraisers out there and dedicated this year’s design to Virgin Money Giving.

He’ll be joining the thousands of other Virgin Money London Marathon runners on 28 April to complete the 26.2 miles wearing this (not so) little number. After he’s crossed the finish line, this creation – his 57th – will eventually join the other 56 that fill his loft from floor to ceiling (yes, he’s kept them all!)

Colin kept the Virgin Money Giving team up-to-date with how the dress progressed – from the very first sketch, right through to its unveiling at this year’s London Meet the Experts event.

Having taken a couple of months to create, and weighing in at two stone, it’s not your typical marathon attire. And you’re probably wondering how on earth he goes about preparing himself to run 26.2 miles on what can traditionally be a very hot day? He confesses that training isn’t easy but he commits to daily kettle bell workouts, training runs using weights, and as the big day gets closer he says he will also be seen pounding his local streets running in the dress itself. But he assures us the fact he works in a 40°C kitchen is good preparation for the heat.

Take a look at how the dress has unfolded over the last few weeks and please watch out for Colin on 28 April. If you see him go by, please be sure to give him a wave.

Find out more about fundraiser Colin Burgin-Plews on his Virgin Money Giving Fundraising Guru page.

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