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Tips for fundraising

Fundraising tips and advice from former Virgin Money London Marathon runners.

Fundraising tips and advice from former Virgin Money London Marathon runners.

Make it personal

Kerrie Aldridge

Raised over £11,000 for the Miscarriage Association

"I found a great printer who printed my running vest for free. So I sold memory miles – I’d run a mile in memory of somebody special and those names and miles would be printed on the back of my vest. The last mile was for my own children who I lost to miscarriage."

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Be inventive

Liv Price

Raised over £8,000 for Hospice UK as a team with her father and cousin

"We sold musical torture. If people donated a certain amount they could add a song to our running playlist. Some people added really long speeches. Have you tried running to Churchill? It’s not easy."

Letters work

Amy Randall

Raised over £4,000 for the MND Association and Parkinson’s UK

"If you are planning a raffle I found it much more effective to write letters than emails. Emails are too easy to delete; if the company you are asking is local then you can hand-deliver the letter, which was even more effective for me."

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Consider fundraising as a team

Emma Pitt

Helped to raise over £9,000 for Brain Research UK as one quarter of the team 'Super Lou’s Ladies'

"Running and fundraising as a team was so important to us. Going through it all with other people makes so much difference and also helps you keep to the schedule as it’s harder to miss a training session or fundraising target if someone is relying on you to turn up or make it."

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Use your contacts book

Andrew Jay

Raised £24,565 for the National Autistic Society

"I run a business so I asked for support from my supply chain. I worked out our biggest suppliers in terms of the money we spend with them and asked them to donate specific amounts. Be bold. If you don’t ask and then chase for support you won’t get it."

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Stand out

Chris Brown

Raise over £4,500 for Christians in Sport

"If you've run a marathon before, your friends and family may not want to sponsor you again. I found that challenging myself to set a Guinness World Record helped get people on board, although I didn’t make the time in the end. All the adjudicators are at the Virgin Money London Marathon so just get in touch, pick a record to try for and go for it. If you’re wearing a costume then you should train in it, no matter how silly you look. You don’t want to be wearing it for the first time on race day."

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Fundraise right up to the finish line and beyond

Chris Thompson

Raised £1,800 for Heads Together

"Loads of family and friends want to follow you on the day of the race so make sure you get them to download the official Virgin Money London Marathon app to track your progress - there’s even a donation button in there too to help you get more sponsorship as you run! More and more money came in after I finished the race as people who meant to donate but had forgotten remembered. So share the photos of you crossing that finish line far and wide."

Say thank you

Jim King

Raised £17,280 for The Bone Cancer Research Trust

"One of the best things about fundraising on Virgin Money Giving was the ease of signing up and accessing the information. I made it my mission to thank every person who donated either by text or email and I was easily able to find the information needed to do that."

Think big

John Friend

Raised over £35,000 for Action Against Cancer

"When I told my mum I would be raising £35,000, she immediately asked me why it was not a million and why was I not starting my own charity to beat this disease once and for all?! So that’s what my brothers and I are doing. We are creating a charity called ‘Team Antoinette,’ which seeks to fund revolutionary research that will find the answers to cancer and fulfil my mother’s final wish that one day others with this disease will have hope."

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*Please note: this interview was conducted before the start of the Covid-19 pandemic and some of the fundraising suggestions might not be possible due to local and national regulations.

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