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Top Ten Workplace Fundraising Ideas For Charity

Fun ways to engage your colleagues

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Why not extend your fundraising beyond family and friends – and bring it to work? We’ve collated ten fun ways to turn your workmates into teammates for your charity.

1. Change your email signature

For easy awareness 24/7, pop your fundraising link on your signature with a brief line or two, such as “Please sponsor me to do X challenge, so Y charity can do Z.”

2. Get on your intranet

Post an article online to get noticed across your work community. The more people who see it, the more likely you are to receive more donations.

3. Give your workmates a voice

Get extra donations by getting your workmates to bid on how you fundraise, such as the fancy dress you wear on the day, or adding their name to your charity vest.

4. Matched giving

Find out if your workplace will match what you raise. If it does, you could double your donations!

5. Volunteering days

See if your charity needs any help with their projects and ask your workmates to give their time from your company’s volunteering days.

6. Charity of the Year

Get your workplace behind fundraising for your charity by putting them forward as a Charity of the Year.

7. Car park

Ask for donations for people to use your work’s car park.

8. Car washes

If you’ve got a car park, why not offer to wash cars for donations? This could be an easy way to use a volunteering day too, and bonus still if you can get a team together.

9. Bake sale

Bring a few cakes into the office and sell them for suggested donations to your fundraising page. Your charity might even have a coffee morning fundraising pack to help you.

10. Pay day donations

Send out an email to your colleagues on (or around) payday to ask for further donations to your cause – you’ll be surprised at how generous people can be when their bank balance has just been refreshed.

Have you gone the extra mile to inspire more people to donate? We’d love to hear your story and top fundraising tips on Facebook and Twitter.

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