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Summer Fundraising Ideas and Events

10 summer friendly fundraising options that everyone will enjoy

10 creative ideas and events to fundraise this summer

It’s safe to say that the last year has been a dark one - one that’s been ruled by regulations, gloomy news and limited socialising - and, boy, are we ready to welcome in some summer light. That’s right, the season of change is finally here to welcome us with warm, open arms, and with that comes a brand new period of fun summer events and charitable fundraising. Now that we’re all able to meet in larger circles and have free reign of the outdoors, summertime fundraisers are more than possible - they’re practically probable!

There are a multitude of ways that you can soak in the rays whilst also raising funds for a cause of your choice. Need a little inspiration on where to start? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve got 10 creative ways for you to fundraise with friends this summer season…

1. Call for a community clean up

If the past year has taught us anything, it’s how to truly appreciate the outdoors. Thanks to our daily walks and slower pace of life, a love for nature has swept over the nation in more ways than one, so why not show it a little TLC in the name of a charity of your choice? Host a community clean up and ask for supporters to sponsor teams at a set rate: everything from collecting rubbish, washing away vandalism or preening the local flowerbeds can encourage people to offer up those all important donations.

2. Dress in drag

June is PRIDE month

Slay the summer away! June is PRIDE Month and what better way to fundraise for the LGBTQ+ community than by hosting your own drag show in your garden? Put on a performance that Ru Paul would be proud of and charge contestants a fee for taking part, as well as charging money for ticket sales. Sounds fabulous, we know.

If you really want to make your town colourful in honour of PRIDE, we suggest coming together as a community to create the biggest rainbow possible in the town square or park. Ask for sponsorships and also colourful donations (clothes, shoes, paper, hats - anything that can be pieced together) and paint the rainbow with some random items. It’ll brighten up everyone's day!

3. Have fun with football

Kick off the fundraising season by incorporating everyone's favourite game into the fun! With the UEFA European Championship (June 11th) starting this summer, it’s the perfect excuse to raise money by hosting a charitable football tournament. Simply charge a little something for taking part, as well as setting a price for a crowd ticket fee.

If you’d rather not sweat in the sun, you could always put on a sweepstake and charge £5 or so to enter. You could even host an outdoor gathering for the final match! Go on, kick those fundraising targets out of the park.

4. Host a barbeque with a bonus

Summer can't be summer without a BBQ

No summer is complete without cooking up some bangers and burgers on the barbeque - so why not cook with a cause this season? Find an outdoor space, invite as many people as possible and ask them to add to a ‘tip jar’ for the benefit cause. If you ask everyone to bring their own meat or veggie options, you won’t lose out on any cash!

If you’re hungry for more barbeque inspired ideas, why not put on a hot dog or burger eating contest and ask for donations from the crowd? They could even sponsor their favourite competitors to help add up those pounds (...both for the competitors waistband and for the donation targets!).

5. Climb for a cause

With Great Outdoors Month (June) starting off the summer right, we suggest getting outside in the sun as much as humanly possible - and one of the best ways to get that vitamin d and earn money is by climbing for a cause. Opt for the tallest peak in your area and rally some climbing comrades to take on the task. Provide pit stops for water and a picnic stand at the end in order to raise cash!

Marvin Gaye said it first - ain’t no mountain high enough, especially when it comes to charitable fundraising.

6. Pack up a picnic

Picnics are ideal for summer fundraising

No one can resist a peaceful picnic during the summer months: think picky food, sweet drinks and a wicker basket, dreamy! Next time you’re stuck on ideas for outdoor fundraising, think about organising a large scale picnic in your local park.

Ask attendees to fill their boots with sandwiches and strawberries - as long as they pay the entry fee and are generous with donations! After all, giving back to a good cause is always a picnic.

7. Put on a petting zoo

Furry friends are a source of joy, no matter what time of the year - but this summer we’re encouraging you to pool together with your pet-loving pals and host a pet gathering in a local field, beach or park. As animals play such a huge part in the autistic community, this would be perfect to tie into Autistic Pride Day (June 18th). Simply ask attendees to bring along their dogs, cats, guinea pigs - you name it, all animals are welcome along to this makeshift petting zoo!

Top 5 pets ranked by household ownership in the United Kingdom:

  1. Dogs
  2. Cats
  3. Indoor Birds
  4. Rabbits
  5. Hamsters

Charge attendees for the pleasure of joining this petfest and watch the money roll in. No matter if you’re a dog or a cat person, you’re guaranteed to love it.

8. Set up a sunset party

Get creative with a sunset party on the 21st June

We’re expecting the longest day of the year this summer (21st of June) and what better way to celebrate it than with a charity powered sunset viewing party? Take over your flat apartment roof or pick a high spot with a good view and invite friends along to share the moment together.

Charge an entrance fee and put up a tequila sunrise cocktail stand as a way to pull in the pounds. All that’s left to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

9. Have a whack at Wimbledon

In July, everyone's talking tennis - it’s a notorious part of British summer and culture. That’s right, Wimbledon (28th - 11th July) really comes into play. This year, rather than just watching the tournament, why not throw your own Wimbledon themed garden party? Ask guests to dress in full tennis wear - visor included - and then suggest that people sponsor the most convincing tennis dress-up.

Serve up and sell some delicious strawberries and cream and glasses of bubbly for a small profit. You can easily make it an event even the pro’s would be proud of!

10. Get a feel for the french

Join in with fundraising Tour de France style

Whether you’re a big biker or not, everyone gets involved when the Tour De France (26th June - 18th July) starts. Summer cycling fever really kicks in when the fittest athletes in the business hit the road, so we suggest that you get on your bike this year! Forget the car and get your bike pump out - it’s time to hit the road in the name of your chosen cause. Ask for sponsorships, set yourself a distance and get peddling.

If you really don’t want to grease up the wheels, then why not try and embrace other elements of french culture to fit the theme? You could have some french fun by hosting a wine and cheese tasting night or a french dinner party and ask for donations of food and money! Eat, drink and be merry in aid of a good cause.

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