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Unique charity fundraising ideas that work

Over 50 of your best tried and tested fundraising ideas from Random Acts of Kindness Week

Fundraiser Maya’s Chicago deep dish pizza blind tasting event

Want to do something different for your fundraising? Not sure where to start? Or want to see tried and tested ideas from fundraisers like you?

For Random Acts of Kindness Week, we asked you to share your best fundraising ideas. We then shared them to our Instagram story, donated to some of our favourites, and asked you to spread the acts of kindness and donate to the ideas that helped you. Here’s some of our favourites:

For a local community fundraising event: Barry’s pop up pub

Barry's pop up pub

"My village lost its last pub a few years back so I’ve set up a monthly pop up pub in the village hall, did the first one back in September, last Friday of each month.

I contacted a local mobile bar company who agreed a profit share of the takings, plus have table football, air hockey and table tennis all at 50p a game – sausage and cheese and onion rolls at £1 each etc.

I’m getting great support from all the locals for doing it and I’m expanding the next one to include a mobile French Fast Food van outside with a donation commitment base on sales on the night from the owner."

To check out his story or donate if his idea helped you, Barry’s fundraising page is

For a workplace fundraising event: Maya’s pizza blind tasting test party

Maya's pizza blind tasting test party

“I held a deep dish pizza blind taste test in the office! Here in Chicago we take our pizza very seriously… One day in the office we had a donation based lunch to participate (suggested donation of $20). We had 5 local pizza spots donate pizza and folks got to guess which was which and vote on a winner!

This was an awesome way to get everyone in the office together for a tasty lunch, raise awareness for the cause I was running for, and reign a champion of deep dish pizza! I plan to hold a similar event in the office this year, who doesn’t love an excuse to have pizza for lunch?”

To check out her story or donate if her idea helped you, Maya’s fundraising page is

For a glamorous fundraising event: Liz’s wedding breakfast ball

Liz’s wedding breakfast ball

"We had a charity ball where guests could come as any member of the wedding party – including the bride!"

To check out her story or donate if her idea helped you, Liz’s fundraising page is

For a record-breaking fundraiser: Nikki’s running as a Rubik’s Cube

Nikki’s running as a Rubik’s Cube

"I got people to sponsor the back of my Guinness World Record attempt costume - £100 a square."

To check out her story or donate if her idea helped you, Nikki’s fundraising page is

For a family fundraising event: Katie’s afternoon tea

Katie’s afternoon tea

"Afternoon tea! I hired my local church hall and used all my connections to help: my Dad played 50s and 60s music on his guitar and my Mum made scones.

I applied for and was sent jam and cream by cream tea society Had loads of donations of cake from friends and family (if anyone said "can I help" or "let me know if I can do anything"…), my God daughter and I made masses of sandwiches.

Advertised on every available community board locally and on various forms of social media. Raffle ticket sales on the day for wine, chocolates and smellies that were donated. Raised about £700 altogether! Such a great day and my children loved serving tea and cakes!"

To check out her story or donate if her idea helped you, Katie’s fundraising page is

Looking for more ideas?

We shared over 50 of your ideas to our Instagram highlight "RAOK ideas swap" so you can revisit them anytime, see the stories behind the fundraisers and donate to anyone who shared an idea that helps you. For more ideas, follow us on Instagram and check out our highlights.

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