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10 fun and unique fundraising ideas

Out-there ideas that will help double those donations

Out-there ideas that will help double those donations

Though the past year has been gloomy to say the least, one thing that has gone from strength to strength is the global outpour of creativity and resourcefulness that has pushed us through the pandemic. People have been going all out with covid-friendly events and our feeds have been filled with new and exciting fundraising ideas that we may never have thought about before. Now that we’ve dipped our toes into more exciting waters and dared to be a little different with our event ideas, there’s no reason not to take the full plunge with our fundraising!

Want to do something unique for your next fundraiser and not sure where to start? We’re here to help. Here are 10 of our favourite different fundraising ideas for all of your friends and family to enjoy:

1. Pop up a pub

We’ve been denied many joys over the last 12 months or so, but a frosty one down the boozer stands out as one the things we’ve most sorely missed. Sure, pubs may be back open, but why not avoid the booking system and pop up your own pub for your next fundraiser. Draw inspiration from your favourite local in aid of your chosen charity and reel in some donations.

Rally round the neighbours and ask to borrow a table football, set up a jukebox selection of songs and get the pork pies in - the pint-pouring pub atmosphere will be yours in no time! Charge for entry and get selling those bar snacks. You could also try contacting some local suppliers and see if they can source some goods and donate to the cause.

To see how it’s done and get further pub-tastic inspiration, check out budding barman Barry Mullins and his fundraising page.

2. Aim high and abseil

Got a taste for all things adrenaline? Set the bar high with your next fundraising activity and try abseiling! Getting your blood pumping and trying new things is all the more exciting when it’s for a good cause.

Scale more than just the walls and beat those donation targets by asking for sponsors prior to the big adventure. Whether it’s off the top of your local town clock or down the side of the tallest peak nearby, you’re sure to stir up some sponsors. You could even triple your earnings by picking several locations and taking yourself on an abseiling obstacle course. When it comes to fundraising, the sky’s the limit.

3. Try a taste test

Big on flavour and got a taste for all things food? Reckon you know your fast food from your foie gras? If you think you’re a pro with your palette, put your tongue to the test and host an office tasting test party. Be it pizza, pasta, paella or paninis, simply pick your favourite food of choice (e.g. pizza), get a wide assortment of different brands (Pizza Express, Chicago Town etc) and variations (deep dish, thin crust etc), and let your co-workers learn their chain brand from their locally sourced.

Looking for pizza topping inspiration? Uber Eats asked the nation to rate their favourite pizza toppings and the results may surprise you.

The UK’s Top 10 Pizza Toppings:

  1. Vegetarian
  2. Pepperoni
  3. Four cheese
  4. Margherita
  5. Meat feast
  6. Hawaiian
  7. Olives
  8. Tuna and sweetcorn
  9. Bacon
  10. Spicy jalapeno

Ask your colleagues for a standard donation of £15 - £20 for this lavish lunch and raise awareness for your charity of choice. To get more information on how this could work and to see this idea in action, have a look at Maya Trilling and her fundraising page.

4. Make it a year to remember

Which year has been one to remember for you? 2020 is sure to go down as one the most memorable years of our lifetime, but why not make the next year different but for all the right reasons?

Show some real dedication to your chosen charity by making a commitment: doing something for 365 days is a sure way to sway people to sponsor you and back your charity. Use this as an opportunity to do something you’ve always wanted to do and switch up your lifestyle! Whether it’s going for a daily run or making every meal a homemade one, gather those donations and make a real difference to your day-to-day life.

5. Pledge a promise

Have you been a hoarder in your time? Is there a cool cassette compilation hiding in your attic or a stellar collection of comics in your cupboard? Now’s the time to let the old times go and make some new memories. Simply do a whip around your local community, gather as many bits of memorabilia as you can find and host yourself an auction for charity.

Even if you're a person with little possessions, you could always auction off your skills and talents. Why not pledge a few promises and offer your singing skills for your friends' next event, or make yourself a maid for a week and treat your neighbours home to a good clean? Slam that hammer and sell some swag for sponsors.

6. Have a ball

Calling all lords and ladies - the cast of Bridgerton aren’t the only ones who fancy themselves a Duke or Duchess. Strap up those corsets and suit up for a sponsored charity ball! Hosting a fancy ball is a fantastic way to raise money for a worthy cause and feel like royalty whilst doing so.

Find yourself a venue, make a playlist to prance to, charge a standard fee of £20 per ticket and ask everyone to come suited and booted. You could even take it to the next level and make it themed - maybe masquerade or Marie Antoinette? With enough guests and refreshments on sale, you’ll be sure to ‘eat cake’ with copious sponsors in no time.

7. Dine like a swine

When it comes to food, there are so many ways that you can raise money for charity. If you consider yourself a bottomless pit and love a challenge - why not put on an eating competition for you and your chums? Host a hot dog eating contest and challenge people to chow down for the charity of your choice: ask audience members to pay a ticket fee and to sponsor their favourite to win!

If you’re looking to spice things up a bit, why not swap out the hotdogs for hot chillies and really sweat out those sponsors? Top tip: if you break a record of some sort, you may even earn yourself a little press coverage that will really help hit those donation targets.

8. Give it up

Guys, it’s time to give it up. Whatever it is that you do that you’re not all that proud of, now is the time to get rid. Don’t worry, we know that nobody’s perfect - we all have a few bad habits that we wish we didn’t, but, if you’re a smoker who wants to snap out of it or a nail biter who needs a manicure, this might be the perfect fundraising activity for you…

Pledge to give up your bad habit by asking for sponsors and donations for the charity you're raising funds for. If your habit is expensive, you could even save up the cash that you would have spent on your bad habit and put it towards your donation target! Whether you’re saying sayonara to the cigarettes or cancelling the crisps and chocolate, you can raise valuable funds whilst doing so.

9. Raise those english pounds

Big into bunting and a darling for diction? It may be time to unite your own kingdom and host a quintessentially British celebration for charity: whether it’s by drinking afternoon tea or playing a Wimbledon white tennis game, we’re sure Marmite will be in the mix.

Whatever the chosen brit-tastic activity, simply charge entry for the privilege and raise more money by setting up a tombola and a boastful bake sale alongside. Come equipped with an argument for your preferred pronunciation of ‘scone’ and bring your brolly - it's sure to be a jolly good fundraiser!

To get more information on how to host a charity tea party, check out Katie’s fundraising page.

10. Keep it vintage

We all love a little thrifting now and then, especially when vintage gems can be found in hidden corners. Do you have enough groovy garments to set up your own stall? Are you a magpie when it comes to finding shiny sales in car boots and charity shops? If so, we recommend putting on a vintage sale for charity! Gather some volunteers, ask around for more donations of clothes and knick-knacks to add to your collection and get selling.

Even if you don’t have time or resources to man your own stall, you could always organise a big clothes swap. Ask people to pay for participation and then raise some more money by selling refreshments or putting on a raffle. Your old junk could be someone else's jewel!

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