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15 Fun Fundraising Ideas for Students in School

Fast and creative fundraising ideas for students of any age

Fast and creative fundraising ideas for students of any age

After a year of long lockdowns and homeschooling, many students have now eagerly stepped back into socialising at school - and that includes getting involved in charitable school fundraisers! There are so many fun and fast ways to raise money for a worthy cause, whether that be for the school council, an awareness day or a charity - it’s an integral part of healthy, passionate development for students of all ages.

Need some help with getting the creative juices flowing? We’ve got 15 fun and innovative ways for schools to raise money whilst having a blast…

1. Get Gaming

What’s a better way to get the kids involved and excited about fundraising than organising a games day? Whether it be a covid-friendly virtual video game event or a real life interactive sport and board game day, all you need is a venue to hold the event, a good collection of gaming equipment (video, board, sport etc) and some eager participants. Why not throw in a few prizes to help rally the troops?

Once you’re all set up and ready to go, simply charge a small participation fee to generate those all important donations.

2. Take centre stage

Do you have some budding thespians at your school? If so, it’s time to host a play and get the entire school involved! To make it a money-making event, you can sell tickets to proud parents and friends at the door. Even if done virtually, you could still live stream the performance and ask audience members to tune in from home.

In order to get super creative, you could ask the children to write and direct the play themselves and call upon the teachers to get in the spotlight: try choosing a book with lots of characters and scenarios for an abundance of silliness on stage.

3. Look to the lens

Are your class suckers for snapping photos for Instagram and videos for TikTok? A great way to put all of that enthusiasm to use would be to host a photography contest to save money for your chosen cause. Help the students harness their creative potential by coining a competition for the most inventive photograph - one that could be displayed, in honour, in the school hall.

To raise donations, offer students and parents the chance to buy prints of the best photos and charge a small fee for every photo entry.

4. Go on a woof-tastic walk

A favourite for all pet lovers, sponsored dog walks are one of the best paw-sible ways to rally funds for a special cause. Students and parents can bring or borrow a pooch to walk a set distance. Who wouldn’t want to strut with their Sheepdog or walk with their Weimaraner for charity?

Team up with the RSPCA or a local animal rescue organisation to maximise this charitable opportunity and really make a day of it. Even if you don’t have a pup but want to get your pet involved, there’s nothing stopping you coming along with your cat or hitching up with your hamster! The more furry friends to help fundraise, the better.

5. Cook up a storm

Need a collaborative way to involve your community in your school fundraiser? Creating a cookbook is a perfectly wholesome way to get all walks of life together to raise money for charity. Simply ask students, parents, staff and friends of the school to offer up a recipe each to your community cookbook.

You could draft up chapters based on year group and difficulty level, so that each year has their own signature dish. You could even approach a low budget online publisher to turn your digital draft into a real life cookbook that you can then sell for a profit! Remember to ask for donations with each recipe entry.

6. Get stuck in the mud

Stuck in the mud has always been a classic playground game, so why not take it to the next level for your next fundraiser? Come together and see who can survive your local Tough Mudder: have the teachers and parents got what it takes to face this physical challenge and get sponsored to do so?

If the kids are keen to get down and dirty too, then you could always host a child friendly version in the school yard. A little dirt never hurt!

7. Summon the superheroes

Every school loves a Fun Run - but not every Tom, Dick and Harry can make it super. Encourage the students and other participants to dress up as their favourite superhero and storm down the track! Be it Spiderman, Black Widow, Batman or Robin, runners can make their own costumes with recycled garments and use the money that they would’ve spent on a state of the art costume to donate to the cause.

Ask for donations on entry and make sure to take lots of super snaps on the day!

8. Bake to make bank

We know that a bake sale may seem like the obvious choice when it comes to school fundraisers, but we assure you that they’re a staple for good reason. There’s next to no overhead cost, they’re easy, fun and most importantly, tasty! I’m sure we can all agree that stuffing our faces with sugary snacks is fine and dandy when it’s for a worthy cause.

No matter the season or celebration, a bake sale can be a chance for kids to get creative with their kitchen skills and share an invention of their own - all whilst making money.

9. Make cake and decorate

Whilst we’re on the baking train, cupcake decorating is a wonderful way to raise money for the young at heart. The ingredients are cheap and the method is easy, but you bet you can still make the activity delicious and fun by adding lots of tasty toppings (think chocolate chips, coconut flakes and jelly beans).

Simply charge buyers for a cupcake and then let them loose with the icing and silver balls! This simple, yet effective fundraising idea is a great one for families and friends alike.

10. Pack a picnic

Picture a teddy bear picnic with yummy baskets of food and a favourite fluffy toy, all in the name of fundraising - looks pretty good - right? Raise money with entry fees and special donated hampers of delicious food from parents and teachers, and ask attendees to bring along a stuffed toy of their choice.

To make it a tea party, the parents could bring along flasks and some teacakes. Who doesn’t love a spot of tea and cake?

11. Spell it out

Though it may seem like more of an academic activity than a fun fundraising option, spelling bees can be great for sponsors and also a healthy way to let the students learn and compete. To raise funds, ask participants to collect sponsors before taking part and sell tickets to attend the final spelling battle!

The winner will be buzzing with more than a crown under their belts, but lots of appreciated donations too.

12. Pick some pyjamas

Want to organise something a little more chilled? Ask the children to grab their comfiest sleeping suit and host an uber-casual Pyjama Day fundraiser. From dressing gowns to dinky slippers, the kids can enjoy learning lessons in their finest, fluffiest nightwear.

Ask students to bring a donation for the chance to show up to school in their jim jams - get the staff involved too for fun across the board.

13. Turn to trivia

Are there Harry Potter nerds, Disney fanatics or keen-on quiz students at your school? A trivia tournament can be a great way to put your heads together, brush up on your general knowledge and fundraise for some donations.

It might be an idea to separate your list of questions by difficulty level and year group to make the quiz all the more engaging! As the separate teams fundraise money, they can earn different privileges such as the ‘pass’ option or ‘phone a friend’.

14. Time for talent

Why not give the staple school talent show a makeover and add a fundraising element? Rally students and staff to give a donation towards unveiling a secret talent from a special student or staff member. The key is to be as intriguing as possible in order to raise more money!

Make sure you have lots of backup options, just in case the reception teacher Mr Williams doesn’t fancy getting out his unicycle on the day…

15. Have a big breakfast

Calling all early risers! How does eating and selling full english breakfasts, cornflakes and other british breakfast options for charity sound? Not too shabby! Not only could you offer to sell yummy breakfasts to students during the weekdays, but you could also amplify this into a bigger weekend event.

You could even boost your event by making it ‘Instagrammable’ - why not try making the biggest english breakfast in your city or make a painting out of Frosties?

Need a little more inspiration? Why not check out Helen the Cheesecake Runner’s fabulous fundraising ideas workshop* for some more fabulous ideas!

*Please note: this video was made before the start of the Covid-19 pandemic and some of Helen’s fundraising suggestions might not be possible due to local and national regulations.

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