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What to expect for the Virgin Money London Marathon ballot results

Secure your place at the starting line

A shot of the Virgin Money London Marathon starting line

If you entered the ballot to run in the 2020 Virgin Money London Marathon, you’ll soon find out whether or not you’ve been successful.

Hugh Brasher, Event Director for the Virgin Money London Marathon, said: “In 2019 we celebrated a landmark moment in the history of the world’s greatest marathon as the total raised for charity since the first London Marathon in 1981 reached an incredible £1 billion. Now the wait is nearly over for the 450,000 people who entered the ballot hoping to run in the 2020 Virgin Money London Marathon, the 40th edition of the race. Whether you secure a place in the ballot or are lucky enough to have a place from a charity, good luck with your training!”

Here’s everything you need to know about the next steps…

Key facts about the ballot results

How to pay if you’re successful

First off – congratulations! But don’t book any travel or accommodation just yet, as your place is only provisional. You’ll receive a link to make your entry fee payment and secure your spot at the starting line. You must complete your application and complete this process.

There is one exception: when you applied for the ballot, you had the chance to donate your entry fee to The London Marathon Charitable Trust. If you did, your payment is sorted and you’re already in.

What to do if you don’t get a place

Don’t worry, you could still be on the start line next April. Why not consider a charity place?

Jo Barnett, Executive Director of Virgin Money Giving, said: “Many UK charities have places and are looking for runners who support their cause, so search the charity listings and contact them as soon as you can. Running for a cause close to your heart will make the whole event extra special!”

There are generally more runners interested than there are places available, so act quickly to improve your chances.

Many charities will ask about your connection to their cause, and how you plan to raise the money. They have set fundraising targets for their places – usually around £2000. You’ve got plenty of time to hit your target though, and we’re here to help with tips and ideas along the way.

Run in our marathon family

Once you’ve decided who to raise money for, it’s time to get started. And you’re already in the right place. Fundraising is easier when we’re in it together. And at Virgin Money Giving, you can join a like-minded community with support at every step.

As the official fundraising partner of the Virgin Money London Marathon, fundraising in our family unlocks benefits you can’t get anywhere else.

Only as a Virgin Money Giving fundraiser can you get:

Plus we’re not-for-profit, unlike other fundraising platforms, so your charity will receive even more.

Join our family

Top fundraising tips

Once you’ve secured your spot and chosen your charity, it’s time to build your page. Our top three tips for making an excellent fundraising page:

With a great page in place, it’s time to think about breaking down your fundraising target. From spreading the word on social to baking up some sweet support, you’ll find a host of top tips through our fundraising guide from runners who were in your position last year.

Jo Barnett said: “We are here to support you every step of the way with your fundraising; be that with help and advice from those who have recently run the marathon, or through all the ideas and tips we’ll share with you over the coming months.”

Learn more information about the 2020 Virgin Money London Marathon

Is there something important we’ve not covered here? Read the Virgin Money London Marathon FAQs for the full lowdown.

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