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Your memories of Virgin Money London Marathon race day

Five runners share their lasting moments

A runner proudly showing off her medal

To say that the Virgin Money London Marathon creates a lot of memories is a bit of an understatement. We caught up with a few past runners and asked them what their lasting memories were from the day.


The entire day is so amazing. Crossing the finishing line is obvious, but still outstanding. I remember at about mile 18 I started to walk, and one lovely spectator shouted ‘Come on Nicky, come on Nicky my love, you can do it!’

It was all the encouragement I needed and kept me going to the finish line. I am so glad I had my name on my running vest. I think that moment stands out in my memory – that and getting to show my dad my medal. He was so proud of me.


I’d have to say my main memory is the pain, as I was struggling with an injury. I also remember the support the runners gave one another along the route. Sometimes it was jelly babies, sometimes it was a hug and sometimes it was words of encouragement. It makes such a huge difference to your mental state. Despite my injury, I crossed the line!


Having people calling out my name made it for me. I’m a bit of a joker and had ‘Never Again’ written on the back of my shirt – people kept running past and turning back to shout ‘you will do it again, you will’, and as they disappeared into the distance I just managed to spit out the words ‘not on your life, mate’ (but of course with a smile). I was touched massively by the runners and spectators encouraging me all the way. It’s really emotional.


Seeing my friends and family at mile 19 is my lasting memory of the race. My Mum had always wanted to run it and sadly never had a chance, so to see them so far in – and with me still feeling good – I felt I had achieved something worth doing.


I actually got goose bumps when you asked me what my lasting memory is. Without a shadow of a doubt, it’s running down the Mall and seeing my loved ones in the stands cheering, then crossing the finish line and receiving my medal. It’s incredibly emotional and the sense of achievement you feel is almost impossible to describe.

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