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Your top ten fundraising tips

Creative ideas to increase sponsorship

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It can be hard to think of innovative ways to raise money for charity. If you (and your friends and family) are bored by your repeated requests for sponsorship money, then our selection of top tips from other Virgin Money Giving fundraisers could help steer you towards creative new ideas and get you on your way to being a true fundraising hero.

1. Look beyond your family and friends

“Use the general public to help reach your target. One year I stood in my local Asda on a Saturday in my Ninja turtle outfit with a poster saying ‘I am running the London Marathon’, with the charity advertised, and got £400 in donations!”

Garry Hall

2. Get creative

“I made a life-size cardboard cut-out of myself in my marathon gear. I then kept it in the waiting room of my fertility centre, with a poster detailing my story, and raised £10,000.”

Donata Marshall

3. Use your hobbies

“We’ve started offering to walk our neighbours’ dogs and it’s really going well. It's keeping us fit, making lots of dogs happy and raising loads of money. Win-win.”

Terry Pritchard

4. Call on your local community

“I asked my old high school if they could hold a non-school uniform day. Its 500 students each gave £1 and the school donated a further £250, so they raised £750 for RNIB. I’m also holding a charity night in a local pub.”

Matthew Compston

5. Food is your friend

“I had a coffee morning at a village hall, which cost only £30 to hire. All cakes, tombola and raffle prizes were donated. With a 50p entry fee that included tea and coffee, I raised £450 in one morning.”

Katie Chedgey

6. Draw on your skills

“I’m a fitness instructor and I have organised a ‘learn the MJ Thriller dance’ night and a ‘back to the 80s’ aerobics class. I’ve found people love getting dressed up and getting friends involved. I get my young daughter to sell raffle tickets – who can say no to an 8-year-old with pigtails?”

Andrea Woodhead

7. Challenge yourself

“Don’t be afraid to do something outrageous. On one occasion I shaved my head for the first time. On another I also walked 8½ miles from home to university every day for five days. Doing these sorts of things really shows commitment and gets people to donate.”

Yash Mudumbai

8. A simple ask can go a long way

“If you hold a raffle, email companies and ask for donations. Be prepared to send a lot of emails but also expect some wonderful donations. The support I received was totally overwhelming – I’d aimed for 10 prizes but I received over 30.”

Laura Goodbourn

9. Make it personal

“I find sitting down and writing a letter to all your contacts about what you are doing, why it would be a good idea to sponsor and what the donations will be used for really helps. People feel personally addressed and have got a physical reminder on paper that they can hang up on their fridge door.”

Bithja Jones

10. The power of thank you

“Always say thank you to people in one way or another! People hear or see you say thank you and it prompts them to sponsor you as well. I was able to give over £6,000 to charity doing three Virgin Money London Marathons this way.”

Amanda Head

There are so many things you can do to raise money for your chosen cause, and we hope these ideas have helped to get your creative juices flowing. Why not give some of them a go and let us know how you get on – we’d love to hear from you.

We hope this article has given you some ideas to help you start your fundraising. You may also find How to invigorate your fundraising campaign useful to help you keep up your fundraising momentum.

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