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Breakdown of individual donations

This report takes a detailed look at all the donations you receive, whether they’re paid direct to your charity or through a fundraiser’s page. It’s a quick and easy way to keep track of your charity’s fundraising activity. Here’s how to run the report:

Step 1

Sign into your charity’s Virgin Money Giving account and choose ‘Reporting’ from the menu on the left. A list will appear under ‘Reporting’ – simply click on ‘Reports’.

Step 2

A new window will appear with a menu on the left. Click the ‘+’ symbol next to ‘Reporting’, then click the ‘+’ next to ‘Flexible reporting’.

Step 3

Click ‘Payments’ and a list of reports will appear in the centre of the screen. You need the report called ‘Payments donations’.

Step 4

If you want to see how each event is doing, it’s easy to group the report so it shows each event separately. Just click on the ‘Event name’ column header (near the end of the grey bar in the centre of the screen) then click on ‘Remove from Table’.

The ‘Event name’ column heading will now move into the ‘Available fields’ box on the left. Just click on ‘Event name’ and drag it to the box which says ‘Drag a data field here to group the report’.

Step 5

Now the report has been edited, you can save it this way so you don’t have to edit it again. To do this, just click on the ‘Save’ icon on the top left.

Next, click the ‘run’ button Run button on the top left. A window will appear called ‘Report options’. Use the drop-down list next to ‘Report period’ to choose the time frame you’d like to run the report for, then click ‘OK’. (For example, if you want to know how this week’s payment breaks down, choose ‘Current week’.)

Step 6

Your report will show on screen with each of the donations, along with full details of the individual fundraisers and donors.

By clicking one of the 2 symbols at the top right of the screen above ‘Flexible reports’, you can convert your report to a spreadsheet, ready to save or print.

Matching Gift Aid payments to donations

If you’ve run the Standard Statement Summary and it shows that the payment includes Gift Aid, just follow the steps above but select the ‘Payment Gift Aid’ report instead of ‘Payments donations’ in step 3. This will give you details of which donations the Gift Aid payments relate to.


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