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Changing your charity’s description

Your ‘charity description’ is a brief summary of the work your charity does and the causes you support. It appears in search results next to your charity’s logo and on fundraisers’ pages when they’ve chosen to raise money for you. Here’s how to change the description:

Step 1
Sign into your charity’s account.
Step 2
Go to ‘update account’ and then ‘charity description’.
Step 3
The current description will appear on screen - simply type your changes in the box. When you’re happy with your new description, click ‘save’ and we’ll update it right away.

If you make some changes but then decide you preferred the description as it was, just exit the page without clicking ‘save’.

If you’d like to add more information about your charity to Virgin Money Giving, you can add more pages with text, photos and links whenever you like.

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10 August 2009

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