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Collecting event fees

If you'd like, we can collect event fees for you when fundraisers sign up to your event. To do this, the event must be yours alone - it can't be organised in aid of other charities too.

Please note we apply our 2% transaction fee when collecting event fees - this is simply to cover our running costs.

Step 1
When setting up your event on Virgin Money Giving answer 'yes' to the question 'Would you like us to collect your event fees for you?', and choose the bank account you’d like these event fees paid into. You can always add a new bank account if you'd like.
Step 2
Fill in the boxes with details of how to sign up for the event, and what the fee is each for each group of people (e.g. an adult fee, student fee, child's fee).
Step 3
When you've finished, click 'next' to choose who will manage the event.