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Managing access to your charity’s account

Whenever someone is added to your charity’s Virgin Money Giving account as an ‘account user’, you’ll be asked to pick which areas of your charity’s account they can and can’t use.

To help you decide who needs access to what, the table below lists the things you can do in each section. For example, if you have access to ‘events’ you can set up fundraising events on Virgin Money Giving.

Here’s how you can change the areas of your charity’s account a person has access to:

Step 1
Sign into your charity’s account.
Step 2
Go to ‘account users’ and then ‘update account users’.
Step 3
You’ll see a list of all the people who have access to your charity’s Virgin Money Giving account. Click the name of the account user you’d like to update.
Step 4
The account user’s details will show up on the right of the screen - click ‘update/delete’.
Step 5
You’ll see a list of the different areas of your charity’s Virgin Money Giving account. Tick the boxes next to the areas you’d like them to have access to.

If an area is ticked and you don’t want them to be able to use this part of the account, click the box again to remove the tick.

When you’re happy, click ‘save changes’.

Accessing your charity’s account

Area of your charity’s account

What account users can do in this area

Update account users

  • Add new people as account users – they’ll get a password to sign in.
  • Delete people from the account if they don’t need to use it anymore.
  • Update account users’ details.
  • Reset passwords.
  • Update who can use which parts of the account.
  • View details of all the account users.

Update account

  • Change your charity’s administration or registered address.
  • Manage your charity’s bank accounts.
  • Change your charity’s logo.
  • Change your charity’s description.
  • Change your charity’s basic information and contact details.
  • Change the categories your charity is listed under on Virgin Money Giving.


  • Set up new fundraising events.
  • Update event details.
  • Add your charity to events which are set up by other charities or organisations.
  • Cancel events.


  • Have full access to your charity’s reporting system.

Charity page

  • Set up new pages for your charity on Virgin Money Giving.
  • Add, edit or delete text, photos and links from your charity’s pages.

Email alerts

  • Pick the things you’d like us to keep you updated on (e.g. we’ll email you when you receive a large donation).


  • Post in the Virgin Money Giving forum on behalf of your charity.


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