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Forms we need from your charity

Although charities register with us online, there are some forms you’ll need to fill in and post back to us.

Step 1
When you register we’ll send you an email with two forms attached:

  • ChV1 – Gift Aid form
    We’ll need this to collect Gift Aid on behalf of your charity. You'll need to complete page 1 (boxes 1 - 8) and page 6. Then print the form and sign in ink on Page 6 and send to us at the address below.

    Please do not send any forms to HMRC Charities team as stated on the ChV1 form as this will result in your application and / or Gift Aid payments being delayed.

  • Bank details form
    This is the details of the bank account you’d like donations to be paid into. If you’d like to collect fundraising event fees through Virgin Money Giving, you can print this form again and add a separate ‘trading account’ for the fees to be paid into.
Step 2
Please send the forms to If you need more copies of the forms, you also can download them by signing into your charity’s Virgin Money Giving account and going to the ‘forms’ section.
Stickman - filling in forms
For every bank account you tell us about, please include a bank statement. These statements need to be originals rather than photocopies and dated within the last 3 months.

Once your charity’s account is up and running you’ll be able to add more bank accounts whenever you like.

Step 3
When we receive your forms, we’ll update the ‘forms’ section of your charity’s Virgin Money Giving account to say ‘complete’ and post your bank statements back to you.