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Joining an existing event

Many of the big events which are open to every charity will already be set up on Virgin Money Giving (e.g. the London Marathon). Here’s how you can add your charity to the event to show you’re joining in.

Joing an exisiting event
Step 1
Search for the event you’d like to join - type the name in the search box, then click ‘find event’.
Step 2
Look through the search results, clicking on ‘next’ or ‘previous’ to move through the pages. When you find the event you’re looking for, just click on it.
Step 3
Please choose the bank account you’d like donations from this event paid into. You can always >add a new bank account if you’d like.
Step 4
Click ‘next’. All of the event information will appear in the boxes. You can now choose who will manage the event.