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Manually allocating reporting codes

If you want to import your Virgin Money Giving data into your own charity’s computer systems, it’s a good idea to set up reporting codes to help you match the two sets of data. You can use these fields to hold whatever data you like. To keep things simple, it’s best to name the field to match your own system.

For example, if every fundraiser has a reference number in your charity’s system, you could set up a custom field for these reference numbers on Virgin Money Giving too. You can create up to 20 custom fields in the Virgin Money Giving reporting system – five fields each for donors, fundraisers, events and fundraiser pages.

You can assign custom reporting codes to fundraisers, fundraising pages and donors using the ‘custom code bulk upload’ function. However if you only have a few records to assign codes to you can do this manually. Please note custom reporting codes for events can currently only be assigned manually.

Here’s how to manually allocate reporting codes:

Step 1
Sign in to your charity’s account.
Step 2
Go to ‘Reporting’ and then ‘Manually allocate reporting codes’.
Step 3
Select the tab you want to apply codes to – fundraisers, fundraising pages, donors or events. Please note you can only assign codes to donors who’ve registered on Virgin Money Giving.
Step 4
Search for the records you want to update – you can narrow this down by entering search criteria like surname, postcode or date range. You can also choose to see all records or those that don’t currently have codes.
Step 5
Enter or amend the reporting code values for each record returned in the search results. Clicking 'Next' or 'Previous' saves the data automatically. You can also navigate by entering a page number in the box and clicking 'Update'. Results appear in alphabetical order based on surname or event name.

The results within the 'events' tab include a tickbox alongside each code. If you want all fundraising pages that are subsequently created for this event to be automatically coded with the same event values, simply tick the boxes you want to be applied.
Step 6
Please remember that reporting code changes won’t appear on any of the reports until the following day.


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06 December 2009

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