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Types of report

We have a range of reports for you to use, depending on the level of detail you need.

There are three main report templates you can use - ‘Standard’, ‘Flexible’ and ‘Custom code (for bulk uploads)’. You can also create your own customised reports in a number of different formats using the data fields we provide.

Standard reports

These reports are ready to use and cover the basic information we think most charities will be interested in, like your biggest single donations or your best fundraisers. They’re designed to be printed but can’t be edited and aren’t suitable for exporting into other systems.

Donation reports

Direct donations
Donations by page
Top donations

Donor reports

First time donors
Regular donors
Lapsed regular donors
Top donors

Event reports

Event registration details

Fundraiser reports

First time fundraisers
Not currently fundraising
Top fundraisers

Fundraising pages reports

New fundraising pages
Open fundraising pages

Transaction reports

Statement summary
Payment details donations
Payment details event registration fees
Payment details Gift Aid

Summary reports

Donation summary
Events summary
Fundraising summary

Flexible reports

Flexible reports are more suited to being exported to other systems or opened as spreadsheets for editing. These report templates cover most of the key data we think you might need, but also give you the flexibility to add, remove, reorder and reformat the information.

Donations flexible
First time donors flexible
Events flexible
Event registrations flexible
Payment event registration fees flexible
First time fundraisers flexible
Fundraising pages flexible
Fundraising pages flexible - single date
Payment donations flexible
Payments Gift Aid flexible

Custom code reports

Our custom code bulk upload function makes it quick and easy for you to update lots of records at once. We have three reports designed to be used for the bulk upload of your custom codes.

Custom codes fundraisers
Custom codes fundraising pages
Custom codes donors

Creating your own reports

You can also build your own reports from scratch in a variety of formats. You can create them as tables (like our flexible reports), as graphs or as cross tabs (for more detailed analysis). All of these formats can be saved as templates for future use, but the cross tabs are better suited to on-screen analysis.

Read our guide to creating your own reports