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Updating your charity page

You can add more content and update your charity’s page whenever you like. If you need to add or remove pages, click here.

Step 1
Sign into your charity’s account and go to ‘charity page’.
Step 2
Your charity’s main Virgin Money Giving page will be shown. You can update the content on this page by clicking in the text boxes and typing in your changes.
Step 3
If you’d like to make changes to a different page, click on the page you’d like to update in the panel on the left. Your chosen page will then be displayed, and you can edit the content.
Step 4
When you’re happy with your changes, click ‘publish’.

If you’d like to update an event, you’ll need to make the changes in the ‘events’ section. Or if you need to update your contact information or charity’s description, click on ’update account’.