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Help guides

Registering your charity

There are two parts to registering your charity with us - when both are complete your charity's page will appear on Virgin Money Giving and we'll start collecting donations for you.

Part 1 - Setting up your charity’s account

Step 1
Click the ‘Register your charity’ button on our homepage to start.

Step 2
We’ll ask for your charity’s name, registered number, registered address and the administration address (if it’s different to the registered address).

We’ll also ask for your contact details so we can get in touch if we need to.

Step 3
Please tell us your date of birth and choose a password. You’ll need this to sign into your charity’s account.

Step 4
You’ll see a screen thanking you for registering and we’ll send you a confirmation email.

Your charity will now have a Virgin Money Giving account. If there are other people at your charity who need access to it (for example to help complete part 2), simply sign in and click ‘add users’.

It’s up to you what to do next - start part 2 straightaway or come back later.

Part 2 – Activating your account and building your charity’s page

Step 1
Sign into your charity’s account - you’ll see a checklist of things we need from you.

Step 2
Please work through the checklist. The details you give us will be used to build your charity’s Virgin Money Giving page. The different sections of the checklist will be updated to say ‘complete’ when we’ve got all the information we need.

You don’t need to complete the checklist in one go – take as long as you need.

Here’s what we ask for in the checklist:
  • Some forms about Gift Aid and your charity’s bank account. These will be sent to you with the confirmation email at the end of part 1. Please print them, fill them in and post them back to us. (When we get the forms back and have processed them we’ll update the checklist to say ‘complete’.)
  • Your charity category and a description of the work you do so fundraisers can look you up by the good causes you support.
  • Your logo.
  • Details of your charity’s trustees.
  • A few more details about your charity to put on your page.
  • Your charity’s £150 + VAT start-up fee.
Step 3
The last section of the checklist is called ‘Virgin Money Giving’ – we’ll complete this for you when we’ve finished the work we need to do at our end.

Step 4
When all the items on the checklist are complete, your charity’s Virgin Money Giving page will be up and running on our website and we can start collecting your donations.

If you want to add more pages, wording and pictures to your charity’s page, check out our help guide to setting up your charity's page.