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Find out your fundraisers’ contact details

Easy access to your fundraisers’ contact details can help your charity stay in touch with your supporters. For example, you can:

  • Send your fundraisers information about your charity and events
  • Share tips with your fundraisers to help boost the amounts they raise
  • Ask your fundraisers for feedback and case studies you can use to promote your cause
  • Tell fundraisers how to raise money as a team and get others involved

Just follow the steps below to run a report and find out the names, addresses and phone numbers of people fundraising for your charity through Virgin Money Giving.

Step 1
Sign into your charity’s Virgin Money Giving account and choose ‘Reporting’ from the menu on the left.
Step 2
A list will appear under ‘Reporting’ – simply click on ‘Reports’.
Step 3
A new window will appear with a menu on the left. Click the ‘+’ symbol next to ‘reporting’, then click the ‘+’ next to ‘standard reporting’.
Step 4
Click ‘fundraising pages’ and a list of reports we’ve already set up for you will appear in the centre of the screen. You need the report called ‘New fundraising pages’.

Tick the box under ‘Report name’ to select this report, then click the ‘Run’ button. A window will appear called ‘report options’.

Step 5
Use the drop-down list next to ‘Report period’ to choose the time frame you’d like to run the report for, then click ‘OK’. (E.g. If you want to know the contact details for all the fundraisers who have set up Virgin Money Giving pages for your charity this month, choose ‘current month’.)
Step 6
Your report will show on screen with the following details:
  • Event name
  • Fundraiser’s name
  • Fundraiser’s address
  • Fundraiser’s contact phone number
  • Fundraising target
  • Total amount raised

By clicking one of the 3 symbols at the top right of the screen above ‘standard reports’, you can convert your report to a PDF file, Word document or SWF file, ready to save or print.

Our reporting tool works best with Internet Explorer 7 or higher, or Firefox 3 or higher. You can find out which browser version you are using by clicking 'Help' on the toolbar at the top of your browser and then 'About Internet Explorer' or 'About Firefox'.

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