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Scheduling a report

Scheduling is simple to do and can make life much easier for you. It lets you set up a report to run automatically so it’s waiting for you next time you log in.

The person creating the schedule is the only one in your charity who can amend or delete the schedule but the report will be saved in your charity’s reports folder for everyone to view.

Getting started

Step 1
Tick the box next to the report you want to schedule.
Step 2
Click on the schedule icon (either the one on the same row or the one near the top of the screen). A summary of the schedules set up for this report will appear (this will be blank when you use it for the first time).
Step 3
Click on the ‘schedule job’ button to create a new schedule for this report (or ‘edit’ to amend an existing one).

screenshot - schedule job

Setting up the schedule

You’ll see there are now four tabs of information to enter – ‘Job’, ‘Schedule’, ‘Parameters’ and ‘Output’ (‘Parameters’ will only appear where the report has a date range).

Here’s what to enter in each:

  • ‘Job’
    Enter a label for the job (the report name e.g. ‘Yesterday’s donations’) and a brief description, something that will remind you what the schedule is. Click the 'next' button.
  • Screenshot - Schedule report‘Schedule’
    Now enter the timings for the schedule – when and how often you want it to run, including an end date if you don’t want it to run after a specific date. Click on the next button.
  • ‘Parameters’
    This tab lets you set the date range for the report itself. So if you want the report to cover a certain period (e.g. ‘previous week’), this will be applied every time the job is run automatically. Once you’re happy with the screen, click on the 'next' button.
  • ‘Output’
    This is where you specify what you want the output to look like. You’ll need to enter:

    - A description of what it shows (e.g. yesterday’s donations).
    - The format(s) you want the report in e.g. PDF or HTML.
    - Where you want it to be saved (we recommend saving it to ‘saved reports’ in ‘My charity’s reports’).
    - Whether you want a date and time stamp on it to prevent overwriting the previous file.

    (Note, the report name must not include any spaces between words, so please use the underscore character ‘_’ if you want to make it easier to read.)

Finally, click the 'save' button to store all the details. The schedule will appear in the ‘schedule summary’ for this report and a ‘scheduled’ icon will appear next to the report name.


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