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Setting up reporting codes

We know every charity has their own way of doing things, which is why we’ve designed reporting codes you can customise to fit your way of working.

For example, if every fundraiser has a reference number in your charity’s system, you could set up a custom field for these reference numbers on Virgin Money Giving too.

You can create up to 20 custom fields in the Virgin Money Giving reporting system – five fields each for donors, fundraisers, events and fundraiser pages.

You can use these fields to hold whatever data you like. To keep things simple, it’s a good idea to name the field to match your own system.

Step 1
Sign into your charity’s account.
Step 2
Go to 'reporting' and then 'set up reporting codes'.
Step 3
Choose whether the field is for donors, fundraisers, events or fundraiser pages, and then type your field name into the box. Each field can contain letters or numbers, and can be up to 20 characters long.
Step 4
When you’ve named as many custom fields as you need, click ‘save changes’ to finish. You add more or update your fields whenever you like.

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10 August 2009