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Splitting donations between different charities

If your event is held in aid of more than one charity, we can help you manage the number of charities that take part, and split the donations between them.

Step 1
When setting up your event on Virgin Money Giving, answer 'no' to the question 'Would you like us to collect your fee payments for you?', then answer 'no' to 'Is this event just for your charity?'
Step 2
Choose which charities your event is open to:

  • If your event is open to any charity, the fundraisers will be able to support any charity registered with Virgin Money Giving.
  • If your event is only for certain charities, please tell us which ones. Type the charitys' names into the box, pick them from the list and then click 'add'. You can add up to five charities.
Step 3
If donations are to be split between the charities, please type in the percentage you’d like each charity to receive and we’ll divide the donations up accordingly.


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10 August 2009