Help guides

Adding people to your fundraising team

Once your team page has been set up, you can add or remove people from the team whenever you like.

Step 1
Sign into your Virgin Money Giving account and go to ‘amend my page’. All of the pages you can change will be shown – click on the team page you need to update.
Step 2
The current team members will be listed. Click ‘add or remove people from your team’.
Step 3
You can now invite more people to join your team. Everyone in the team must be registered with Virgin Money Giving – if they haven’t registered yet, you can ask us to send them an email inviting them to sign up. To find someone, enter their email address in the box and click ‘search’.

You can also remove people from your team at this point. Just click on the red ‘x’ next to their name.

Step 4
When you find a person you want to be in the team, click ‘Add to team’. Their name will then appear on the right of the screen. Click 'save changes' after you add each member.
Step 5
Continue searching and adding people until your team is complete. You, or another team member, can add to the team at any time. Click ‘next’ to save your changes.